Ecological mobile plan: which operators offer it?

A universal awareness has emerged in recent years: the importance of ecology and taking care of the environment. One after another, companies are committing to reduce their carbon consumption in several ways. Mobile operators are no exception to this awareness. Thus, it is possible to see new packages come to life: CO2 neutral, eco-responsible, limiting their impact on natural resources… The alternatives are diverse. Discover the operators who follow this movement, those rewarded by Greenpeace or even combining ecology and low prices.

In recent years, France, and the other countries of the world, has faced a new problem: respect for the environment. More and more consumers want to benefit from green solutions that are more ecological and respectful of the planet. Many companies have become aware of this and are integrating offers in this direction. Even if the telecom sector totals only 0.4% of the total carbon footprint, several providers are putting green mobile plans online. What are these eco-responsible offers really? Are they really interesting? Which supplier to turn to? Focus.

How are the operators committed to the environment?

Mobile operators are “aware of environmental issues and their role in supporting the ecological transition” according to the French Federation of Telecoms. As proof, in 2021, several of them including Orange; Bouygues Telecom ; SFR and even Free have signed a charter for sustainable digital technology. Through this signature, they undertake to reduce their CO2 emissions; limit their impact on natural resources and put digital technology at the service of the environment. The objective is clear: participate in carbon neutrality by 2040.

These efforts are realized on a daily basis:

  • Bouygues Télécom has switched to 100% renewable energy;
  • Free deactivates its 4G antennas on the 2600 MHz frequency band at night;
  • Orange has opted for “liquid cooling” or “water cooling” to cool its servers;
  • SFR has included an eco-designed smartphone in its catalog.

The examples are numerous and prove a general awareness with real initiatives to participate in the ecological effort.

Which ecological package to choose?

Do you want to respect the environment and turn to ecological packages, sharing your values? It’s totally possible! More and more operators are offering this type of offer, some have even specialized in this sector. Among them, it is possible to cite Prixtel; Mint Mobile or Source.

Prixtel, the prescriber

Apart from being a French operator, Prixtel is above all the first to have offered adjustable and CO2-neutral packages. How does it work ? It undertakes to offset the integrity of the CO2 emissions of its packages. For this, he plants trees. Already more than 9,000 plantations of pines and oaks are to be counted in the Loir-et-Cher. To go further, it has started supporting farmers in their CO2 reduction.

Prixtel offers start at 9.99 euros up to 15.99 euros. A very good solution to combine ecology and low prices.

Mint Mobile, the eco-responsible operator

Mint is known for being a 100% green electricity provider. However, the latter also offers eco-responsible phone plans. It is very close to Prixtel and has already planted more than 527,000 trees through its reforestAction program. Moreover, its eco-responsible approach has been thanked and highlighted by Greenpeace.

Mint Mobile offers two plans in its catalog:

  • A 5 GB plan without commitment, including unlimited calls and SMS in France. It is displayed at 4.99 euros per month for one year, then 12.99 euros per month.
  • A 50 GB plan, still without commitment and with unlimited calls and SMS in France. It will take 9.99 euros per month the first year, then 17.99 euros.

It is a very advantageous solution if you want to respect the environment while taking care of your wallet.

See Mint Mobile offers

Source, on the initiative of Bouygues Telecom

Source was created by Bouygues Télécom, in partnership with the digital company Lilo, in order to offer a new alternative to consumers wishing to acquire an ecological mobile plan.

This time, its operation differs from its two colleagues: the gigabytes not consumed are transformed into positive actions with 1,000 associations or foundations of your choice. Each of them has a very strong point in common: its environmental and societal awareness. At the end of the month, Source takes care of calculating the number of gigas remaining. Those saved are transformed into drops (1 GB = 20 drops) and the customer just has to donate them to the association of his choice from his application. Since 2014, more than 4.5 million have been collected.

Regarding its offers, it is possible to find only one: 40 GB for 10 euros per month, only.

See the Source Mobile offer

How do I choose my ecological package?

Obviously, other environmentally conscious operators are available on the market. To choose the one that will suit you perfectly, you must first target your needs. Apart from the ecological issue, what would you like to find in your supplier and your package?

Depending on the options you need, the data envelope necessary for your use or the monthly price paid, the offers will not be similar.

To help you make your choice with confidence, we offer you our online comparator. According to the criteria you have indicated, he will be able to provide you with a list of the best current offers. You will be able to quickly benefit from your ecological package!

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Ecological mobile plan: which operators offer it?

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