Digital equipment and uses: how to limit my environmental impact on a daily basis?

Digital is everywhere. Smartphones, tablets, computers and the internet are part of our daily lives. However, according to ARCEP, digital today represents 3 to 4% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide and 2.5% in France. Fortunately, we can all act to limit its impact by adopting good behavior. Here is a few ways to reduce your environmental impact on a daily basis.

Choose the right connection mode

When you use your smartphone, opt for Wi-Fi as much as possible rather than 4G or 5G. Indeed, according to the ARCEP report, the energy consumption of mobile networks in relation to the quantity of GB consumed is three times higher than that of fixed networks. Isn’t that a good reason to give preference, whenever possible, to using Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet rather than mobile networks? Similarly, it is preferable to watch your videos having previously downloaded them via Wi-Fi, rather than watching them in streaming, very greedy for mobile networks.

Opt for refurbished

Nearly 80% of the impact of digital on the environment is due to the manufacture of devices, such as smartphones. Also, before buying a new phone, for example, I think about my uses: can I find an alternative solution? Can I do without this purchase? The best option when changing smartphones is toopt for a refurbished device. This responsible act makes it possible to give a second life to telephones and to act effectively on the planet, while saving us money.

Responsible surfing

Do you know the environmental footprint of the digital services you use? And yes, going to a social network or opening a mobile application is not a trivial act. To act, you can make these small changes on a daily basis that ARCEP lists for us:

  • Configure, when possible, the resolution of the videos of your audiovisual services as accurately as possible: for example, the 4K resolution (very high resolution), appreciable on a large screen, does not provide visible comfort on a screen of the size of your smartphone.
  • Regularly remember to uninstall the applications you no longer use to limit the exchange of data related to their updates. Disable, as much as possible, notifications and pushes.
  • Favor, when possible, text or audio content, which consumes less digital resources than video content. To listen to music, for example, preferably use a streaming audio rather than playing a video clip.
  • Become aware of the environmental impact of your screen time per day: the energy consumed to manufacture your equipment, to recharge it, to design and operate the networks and data centers through which information passes, etc.

And to finish, why not opt ​​for a solidarity and eco-responsible mobile plan like Source Mobile ?

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Digital equipment and uses: how to limit my environmental impact on a daily basis?

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