Did you know: Free allows Free Mobile and Freebox subscribers to take advantage of its “Telephone Relay” service for free

Launched by Free support in October 2018, “Telephone Relay” is a videoconference call service for people with disabilities (hard of hearing, deaf, deafblind, etc.). Included for all subscribers to the €19.99 Mobile Free plan, but also Freebox Revolution (with or without TV by CANAL Panorama, excluding promotional offers), this service now includes 3 hours of monthly communication included, compared to 1 hour previously (incoming and outgoing calls, excluding course and special numbers in mainland France, for personal use).

Available on iOS and Android, the dedicated application received a new update on the OS from Google and Apple in December, fixing display bugs. Since last year, the application allows the iPhone to notify the user of an incoming call in a very special way. It will activate and flash your phone’s flash, so people who are hard of hearing or deaf are less likely to miss their calls. This option is enabled by default, but can of course be disabled in the settings.

In detail, “Relais Téléphonique Free” provides an interpretation service in French – French sign language (LSF), complete spoken language coding (LPC) or instantaneous automatic transcription. For your incoming or outgoing calls, you are then put in touch with a service which will ensure communication with your correspondent/interlocutor. Another possibility is automated transcription. In other words, the subscriber writes a text, then performs a voice transcription of the text for the correspondent. Conversely, the correspondent’s voice is transcribed into text on the subscriber side (open 24/7). For those interested, Univers Freebox has produced a tutorial around the use of this service.

How to access it for subscribers

If your subscription allows you to benefit from the telephone relay service, in order to be able to use it, simply go to your Subscriber Area to activate the service according to the line for which you wish to use the service in the “Telephony” section. ” for Freebox subscribers and in “My Mobile Plan” then “My services” for mobile customers.

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In the settings, it is possible to choose the type of service desired, such as “French language-French Sign language interpretation”, “Complete Spoken Language coding” or even “textual transcription”. The user can also enable incoming calls.

Then simply download the mobile application on Android or iOS. Then follow the activation procedure using the identifiers or the number of the line for which you wish to use the service.

On iPhone, “to make an outgoing call, after dialing the number or choosing the correspondent to contact, you must confirm the call offered by the window that opens with a number starting with 99 by pressing the Call button”says Free.

In order to follow the consumption of the telephone relay service, it is advisable to dial 555 in the application.

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Did you know: Free allows Free Mobile and Freebox subscribers to take advantage of its “Telephone Relay” service for free

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