Court of Alès: one year under electronic bracelet for a “dealer” of the quay of Grabieux

This Thursday, January 12, continued detention, among other things, had been requested against a young man of 24 years, during his trial in immediate appearance.

Asylum seeker, this 24-year-old Algerian arrived in France a year and a half ago and was sent directly to Alès, even if he has family in Toulouse. It is past 8 p.m. on Sunday, January 8. After observing his actions for half an hour, the officials of the police station proceed to arrest him. Indeed, in a hideout in the Impasse des Crêtes, a new place in Alès known for drug trafficking since the “pharmacy tower”, on the Quai de Grabieux, was walled up, they watched him train of “dealer”, quietly seated. When the police were spotted, the young man took to his heels, entered a building, climbed to the top floor before entering an apartment, reaching the balcony, from where he threw a pocket . The police will discover about thirty grams of cocaine, more than 150 grams of cannabis and cash. On him, they will get their hands on a few grams of additional narcotics and, again, money.

Judged, this Thursday, January 12, in immediate appearance, before the criminal court of Alès, the defendant, assisted by a translator, disputes the version of the police and ensures to be only a consumer. That he was confused with the “dealer”. “I ran away, but I’m not the one who was sitting on the chair,” he defends himself, denying even having entered the dwelling mentioned. “I was well dressed like this (as described by the police, editor’s note), but I have no connection with the bag found outside.”

Already sentenced, recently, for similar acts

Cyrille Abbé, the deputy public prosecutor, relies on the statements of the police “who have no right to lie” and believes that “all the elements are there to demonstrate his guilt”. Recalling that the defendant has already received a simple six-month suspended sentence for similar facts, which occurred at the end of March, already on the Quai de Grabieux, he declares that “the only way to get him out of drug trafficking is to take him into custody.” He then requires a firm year, the revocation of the said suspension and… continued detention.

The defense lawyer, Me Sophie Bonnaud, has a different reading of the file than that of the prosecution and turns directly to the president of the hearing, Sandra Polet, and her assessors: “We threw a lot of powder in your eyes !” She points out shortcomings in the procedure, a possible mistake by the police and insists on the fact that her client is only a consumer who has come to get his dose, who must therefore be condemned just for the few grams of drugs found on him. She concludes: “The ‘anything but incarceration’ makes sense in his case.”

Banned from staying in Alès for five years

For the magistrates of the seat, the guilt of the defendant is not the shadow of a doubt. They then sentence the young man to twelve months’ imprisonment, including six months suspended probation, and revoke his previous suspended sentence. On the other hand, they do not pronounce his continued detention, but order his placement under an electronic bracelet. Prohibited from staying in Alès for five years, he will serve his one-year sentence with his sister, domiciled in Toulouse, who had traveled to the Gard to follow this trial.

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Court of Alès: one year under electronic bracelet for a “dealer” of the quay of Grabieux

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