Compiegne. Under electronic bracelet, he uses a false medical certificate to justify an exit – Oise Hebdo

The defendant had used a false medical certificate – Illustration photo: Edwintp / Pxhire.

I will explain everythingsays convincingly Jehad Slibti, 22, presented to the court in immediate appearance for use of forgery in recidivism, committed on December 19 and 20 in Compiègne and Paris. Since the beginning of September, this young man has been serving a four-month prison sentence at home, with an electronic bracelet.

He is accused of having used a forgery in writing, in this case a false medical certificate from the Saint-Louis hospital in Paris, in order to justify an exit on December 19, outside his authorized hours to look for work, namelybetween 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.“. That night, his alarm sounded several times, indicating that he left his house.

He went to the hospital to treat his phlebitis

If I left home at 7 p.m. on December 19, it was because I was not feeling well because of my phlebitis, for which I was having injections from a home nurse. It threw me. I rushed to the hospital.“Why in Paris? “I first went to the emergency room in Creil, but there were too many peoplehe said. Then I went to Clermont, but it was the same. He pushed on to Paris, with a friend who took him to three different hospitals.»

He contacted the SPIP (Penitentiary Integration and Probation Service) but the medical certificate from the hospital contains too many errors not to arouse the suspicion of the judicial institution: the date of treatment is Sunday 19 December, but December 19 was a Monday this year; the doctor he consulted is unknown at the Saint-Louis hospital, where no patient named the defendant passed through the door on December 19 or the other last days; finally, for phlebitis he would not have been taken care of by the intensive care unit, as is however mentioned on the medical certificate.

He does not know where he was treated

How do you explain this incorrect date?asks the court. “I noticed it toosaid the defendant. I told the magistrate following me that I had not been taken care of by the intensive care unit. I didn’t even show up at that hospital.»

Jehad Slibti repeats at the bar that he is not the author of this false document. “It is a friend named Mehdi, who lives in Paris, who sends you the certificate, through an intermediary“recalls the court. “Yes, this is the friend I asked to send me the documents from the hospital, because I had returned homeconfirms the defendant. As I was suffering, I had forgotten my identity papers in a rush.»

So where was he, if not at Saint-Louis Hospital? “I don’t know, it was dark, I was in pain, I didn’t look at the scenery, he said. It was in Paris. There was a parking lot…»

He worked in a restaurant but was not among the employees

The court asks itself all the more questions as the alarm of the electronic bracelet often rings. “The alarm goes off for no reason, while I’m sleeping, or when I go to the bathroom, I reported it to the judge…» he justifies. .At the beginning of September, at the very beginning of his sentence, a 28-day sentence reduction credit was withdrawn from him, because he had not paid the sums due to the public treasury, but above all because he had justified outings thanks to the agreement of an employer, a restaurant in this case, where he is not part of the staff. “It’s because I’m just a simple trainee and I go through the local missionhe said. So I am not among the employees.»

The defendant has five convictions: theft, trafficking, contempt in a meeting, violence in a meeting and, in 2021, death threats during a fight with the neighborhood. “I know it was lucky not to be behind barsexplains the defendant. There was a negative turn in my life that I prefer to keep to myself. Since April 2021, I have not committed any other offenses.” Hosted with his mother, he planned to fly abroad to earn a living in the world of football.

“Attempted fraud against the judicial institution”

For prosecutor Marie-Céline Marie-Céline Lawrysz, the defendant has inconsistent explanations: “I hope they didn’t convince you. Already, he was not employed in this catering company. This is an attempt to defraud the judicial institution. This use of forgery was made in order to avoid a summons from the sentencing judge. And when I hear that he wanted to fly despite his phlebitis…She requires six months in prison with continued detention.

It’s true that there was a turning point, my life is no longer herethe defendant defends himself alone. I’m going abroad where I was before. I don’t know what to tell you. Just be merciful to me. You will no longer see me in front of you. If so, I’ll ask you to give me the total.

He gets four months with continued detention. “We have no other choice to ensure that you meet your obligationsthe judge told him, before he went into custody. The one behind bars.

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Compiegne. Under electronic bracelet, he uses a false medical certificate to justify an exit – Oise Hebdo

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