Cigarette Puff: what is it? hazards? nicotine or not?

The Puff? This is the latest “gadget” in fashion among college and high school students. This disposable electronic cigarette comes straight from the United States. Sweet flavors that evoke childhood, colorful packaging, all ready to use: that’s all it takes to seduce young consumers. But despite appearances, this device does present health risks.

What is a Puff?

Cousin of the Juul, the Puff was born in 2019, in the United States, on the initiative of two Californians: Patrick Beltran and Nick Minas, co-CEO of Puff Bar. “These disposable electronic cigarettes work on the same model as conventional electronic cigarettes, except that they are not refillable. They contain an average of 600 to 700 puffs“, explains Professor Daniel Thomas, cardiologist and vice-president of the National Committee for the Fight against Tobacco (CNCT).

What flavors are available?

Puffs are available in a multitude of tastes, more or less evocative, and this is what makes them attractive: fresh mint, frozen lychee, red fruits, frozen mango, frozen orange, hazelnut, grape, cookie, marshmallow, etc. . So many flavors that can encourage you to smoke in good conscience. And yet…

Is there necessarily nicotine in the Puff?

“Most Puff do contain nicotine, says Professor Daniel Thomas. Some even have concentrations of up to 50 milligrams per millilitre, which is prohibited in France, including for conventional electronic cigarettes”. An ultra-fertile addictive breeding ground. In addition to the dose of nicotine, the habit is very real, and addiction can quickly set in. “

These are candy cigarettes that are intended to seduce teenagers,” said the cardiologist.

And to add: “we must not forget that in the long term, these disposable cigarettes are intended to retain young customers to encourage him to consume nicotine products in the future.

Is the Puff cigarette dangerous for health?

Consumers do not feel like they are smoking a cigarette, but simply inhaling a fruity vapor. And that’s the rub. Because this cigarette with sweet aromas present well risk of nicotine addiction.

A fun introduction to tobacco consumption

Under their playful tunes, some Puff can contain much more nicotine than electronic cigarettes intended for adults. Something to worry about health professionals. “Initially, vaping is a device for reducing the risks associated with tobacco consumption. A substitute, therefore. In the case of the Puff, it is quite the opposite, it is a question of an initiation to tobacco consumption. , emphasizes Professor Daniel Thomas. If a teenager uses this product, he can very quickly become addicted to nicotinemuch more addictive than heroin, cocaine where the cannabisand start smoking cigarettes”.

This is also the opinion of the Haut Conseil de Santé Publique (HCSP), which recently issued an opinion on the “benefits-risks of electronic cigarettes” (November 2021). According to him, puffs can – and more generally electronic devices – can play “in favor of the initiating role of vaping products, for adolescents, in the consumption of tobacco”.

And even without nicotine, are the Puffs still harmful?

Yes, answers the vice-president of the CNCT. “The e-liquid that generates smoke is not toxic, but it cannot be said to be healthy. It is potentially harmful to get used to these devices outside of a smoking cessation“.

The Puff, a non-negligible danger for the ecology

Disposable electronic cigarettes are not only harmful to health, but also to the environment. After all, they are made of plastic, operate using a lithium battery and are disposable.

Cigarette Puff: what regulations in France?

The sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited to minors, who however do not seem to have any difficulty in obtaining Puff, at the tobacconist, on the internet, in specialized vaping stores, even in supermarkets (sometimes in the candy department). Control is far from systematic…

The phenomenon is growing so much that the Ministry of Solidarity and Health is increasing awareness campaigns. In a press release published on March 17 (source 1), he recalls that Puffs must comply with the standards relating to vaping products, namely:

  • contain a nicotine level of less than 20 mg/ml or the ban on advertising and direct or indirect promotion;
  • transmit a notification of products before they are placed on the market to the competent authorities (the complete list of vaping products notified for the French market is available on the ANSES website);
  • adhere to strict labeling standards;
  • do without any direct / indirect advertising or promotion.

The sale of these products to minors, like any vaping product, is prohibited, recalls the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

What is the price of a Puff?

You usually have to pay between 8 and 12 euros for a Puff. Its lifespan depends on its use. : do not count more than one week for daily use.

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Cigarette Puff: what is it? hazards? nicotine or not?

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