By 2023, Apple should generalize the USB-C port to all its devices (iPhone, iPad, AirPods, etc.)

News hardware By 2023, Apple should generalize the USB-C port to all its devices (iPhone, iPad, AirPods, etc.)

It is now almost certain, Apple will comply with the will of the European Commission and should finally offer a USB-C port on its smartphones, but not only…

Goodbye Lightning, hello USB-C

Finally, the small village of irreducible Gauls will once again have got the better of the Roman invader in this war of nerves under funds of big money. Apple, which has been imposing its vision and its famous Lightning connectors for so many years, seems to give up on the threats made by the European Parliament and its fight against electronic waste.

According to a report from the European Commission dated September 23, 2021 :

Making USB-C mainstream would allow consumers to charge their devices with the same charger, regardless of device brand

The report is lucid and without appeal, and apart from Apple, everyone seems to agree on the subject. The hardest part therefore remained to convince the firm at the apple to comply with European requirements or risk losing a huge market in the years to come.

With half a billion mobile device chargers shipped to Europe every year, generating 11,000 to 13,000 tonnes of e-waste, a single charger for mobile phones and other small and medium electronic devices would benefit everyone.

Two solutions are then available to Apple, releasing European models equipped with USB-C ports and international versions equipped with the Lightning port, while risking seeing the same type of sanction arrive in Asia or other countries, or else fall in line and do like everyone else.

All Apple devices and accessories could switch to USB-C

According to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it is towards this last hypothesis that Apple seems to be lining up. And if the iPhone 14, already in the production phase, does not seem concerned, the iPhone 15 would be the first Apple smartphones under USB-C.

Well, if all that we already felt more or less happening, more surprisingly, but ultimately in the logic of things, Apple should also, still according to Ming-Chi Kuo, switch all its devices and accessories to the USB-C standard.

In addition to iPhones and iPads, this would also concern AirPods, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse or even external batteries such as Magsafe Battery.

Nevertheless, as long as Apple has not confirmed anything, we are not immune to a trick or a sleight of hand from Tim Cook and his gang. Apple could as well decide to provide an adapter (while the European Commission has vetoed it) or switch to a new ecosystem based on wireless charging… Never underestimate a wounded beast!

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By 2023, Apple should generalize the USB-C port to all its devices (iPhone, iPad, AirPods, etc.)

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