Buying an iPhone is outdated: rent it, it’s cheaper

You do not necessarily need to pay the equivalent of a minimum wage to acquire a new iPhone. offers a much more economical solution: rental. A formula which has the advantage of including theft and breakage insurance in the price.

What if leasing was the new way to afford a premium phone without making your savings disappear all at once? This is what, a French company specializing in the rental of refurbished smartphones in perfect condition, allows.

A price softened by the rental

Between the few novelties brought by iPhone 14 and its price increase, iPhone 13 represents a smart purchase. This excellent smartphone, which celebrates its first year of existence in 2022, however displays a price close to 900 euros when taken new. If you opt for a refurbished version in perfect condition, you will still have to pay around 780 euros. This, not to mention the possible cost of insurance.

Apple’s iPhone 13. // Source: Apple.

On the other hand, at, the refurbished iPhone 13 in perfect condition costs you 737 euros after almost 2 years. Indeed, the rental, which starts at 31.90 euros, is spread over 20 months (with an initial contribution at the time of subscription), which prevents you from making a hole in your savings. This lighter invoice hides another major asset: the insurance and the guarantee of proper functioning.

Thus, cover against theft and breakage (and this worldwide) is included in the rental price. You benefit from a high-performance smartphone in excellent condition for a lower price, and in addition, it is covered against numerous claims without a monthly additional cost.

Complete and affordable protection

Of course, insurance against breakage and theft applies to all devices offered by Whichever phone you choose, you are covered against:

  • accidental breakage;
  • liquid damage;
  • damage caused by a third party;
  • mugging;
  • burglary;
  • pickpocketing or stealing.

After declaring a claim, the company sends you a new smartphone within 48 hours. You are then asked for a deductible, namely 29 euros in the event of breakage and 99 euros in the event of theft. An amount valid on all models, from recent iPhone 13 Pro Max to the oldest iPhone XR.

Effective insurance // Source:
Effective insurance // Source:

A simplified service

For 4 years now, has been renting smartphones at a competitive price. That said, the company took advantage of the end of the year to completely review its identity and services. Its website has become clearer, more dynamic and more ergonomic. The customer therefore does not get lost in endless browsing and immediately finds the phone he needs.

The new identity of // Source:
The new identity. // Source:

The rental service has also been revamped. Now, renting a phone requires a one-time 20-month commitment, at a price ranging from €14.90 to €44.90, depending on the smartphone model.

After subscription, only a contribution of a few tens of euros (which varies depending on the model) is requested. The delivery of the phone then takes between 48 and 72 hours and can even go down to 24 hours if you opt for express delivery. Classic shipping is free at a relay point.

New customers have 30 days to try out their phone. In case of dissatisfaction, reimburses them the contribution (but not the first rent) once the device is returned.

What’s more, also thinks of subscribers who regularly change smartphones. You can replace your device at any time. Better, if you decide to change device after six months, you benefit from a reduction of 50% of the amount of the contribution. If you wait a year before changing, will not ask you for a contribution.

What if I don’t like iPhones?

If the catalog of includes, for the moment, 16 models of smartphones, not all are stamped Apple. Indeed, the company also thinks of Android aficionados by offering Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10+ refurbished.

Phones that benefit from the same advantages as Apple products, namely coverage against theft and breakage at no additional cost.

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Buying an iPhone is outdated: rent it, it’s cheaper

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