Black Friday: 25% off your Vasco electronic translator

Stock up on great deals as the holiday season approaches by getting a oral translator of choice.

Vasco Electronics, manufacturer of electronic translators, celebrates Black Week with 25% off the entire store

If Black Friday is scheduled for November 25, this promotional operation is preceded by the Black Week at many merchants. This year, this will also be the case at Vasco Electronics, world leader in the oral translation industry, which has decided to offer you its products at -25% for 5 days.

One of your relatives is planning to go on a trip soon? Take advantage of Black Week to anticipate the end of year celebrations and slip a Vasco oral translator under the Christmas tree. You can also treat yourself to it and take advantage of all its advantages on your next trips. More than just a gift, an instant translator from Vasco lets you communicate in many languages. Should you opt for the Vasco Translator M3 or the V4? These two electronic translators respond to different uses and objectives. Here is an overview of all their features.

Vasco – DR

Vasco Translator V4 and M3, state-of-the-art electronic translators

Are you going on a trip abroad? Opt for a Vasco Electronics oral translator, a travel essential to communicate from wherever you want. Translate your conversations or texts by taking a photo of them with the Vasco Translators V4 and M3.

The language barrier will no longer be an obstacle to travel thanks to Vasco electronic translators. The Vasco Translator M3 supports 76 languages, and the V4 up to 108 languages. These translation devices allow you to communicate with more than 90% of the world’s population. You have the freedom to travel wherever you want. Operating in nearly 200 countries on GSM, the Vasco Translator M3 and V4 do not require a wifi connection, which represents a major advantage depending on your destination. Indeed, thanks to their included SIM card, they have unlimited internet access for life. You therefore do not have to take out a subscription, unlike the electronic translators offered by competitors. Extremely fast, these two devices offer precise and perfectly audible oral translation in less than 0.5 seconds. They have powerful speakers to optimize hearing. Delivered by a native speaker, the translation couldn’t be more understandable either way. Equipped with noise-canceling microphones, you’ll be able to communicate seamlessly in any environment.

Vasco – DR

Both have ingenious functions. They are particularly designed for photo translation. At the restaurant, at the museum, or on public transport, bring your language translator and take a photo using the rear camera. You will get a high quality translation in an instant. The Vasco Translators V4 and M3 also have a MultiTalk application. Thus, you can exchange with collaborators, up to 100 people, who speak other languages ​​and spread all over the world. Write or dictate messages in your language, your electronic translator will translate into the desired language. Finally, your translations are saved in the history and you can share them by e-mail if necessary: ​​on business trips or in workshops, these oral translation devices will quickly become your everyday allies. On the occasion of the Black Weekgive yourself the Vasco Translator V4 at 292€, and the Vasco Translator M3 at 271€. In addition to the many advantages mentioned, you will benefit from an efficient after-sales service in 16 languages, including French, a little extra essential for optimal support.

Don’t wait any longer to offer yourself a Vasco electronic translator at a low price. Until November 28, take advantage of a -25% discount and go around the world with complete peace of mind with a Vasco Translator M3 or a Vasco Translator V4.

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Black Friday: 25% off your Vasco electronic translator

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