Bio-UV Group of Lunel at the water service for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The technology of the company, created in Pescalune land in 2000, was chosen, via its partner Watermaster, for the treatment of the pools and fountains of the Al Bayt stadium.

It’s not enough to be chosen to organize the Football World Cup. In addition to the competition, there is a challenge to be met, also a major one, for the host country: respecting sustainable development and proposing innovative environmental solutions on the infrastructures built for the international sporting event.

For this 2022 vintage, it is Qatar – exactly the city of Al Khor, near the capital Doha – which has been selected to host, from Monday November 21 to Sunday December 18, the best football teams on the planet who will attract millions of spectators and supporters behind the small skylight or on the stands of the Al Bayt stadium.

But alongside the name of this country on the Arabian Peninsula bordered by the Persian Gulf is that of Lunel. So far, so near. Because there are territories as small as the skills they host are large. In this case, here, those of Bio-UV Group (see opposite), created in 2000 in Pescalune land by its still current CEO Benoît Gillmann.

Water reused to water lawns

The company, which specializes in the treatment of water and surfaces using ultraviolet rays, ozone and AOP (advanced oxidation process), was selected, via the Qatari partner Watermaster, to provide treatment for the swimming pools in the players’ changing rooms, fountains and decorative ponds around the Al Bayt stadium. A device put in place for the inauguration of the Arab Cup of Fifa, in December 2021, and which has largely proven its worth.

Numerous water treatment machines, straight out of the Bio-UV manufacturing workshop, have thus been installed by Watermaster in order to offer World Cup participants, players, organizers and visitors a quality of flawless water.

For Anne Julia, export director at Bio-UV, “in hot climates such as those encountered in Qatar, there is a greater risk of the development of bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms…”she explains before continuing: “The risk of contamination is real and high. We are never safe from a child who takes water and drinks it or an adult who wants to refresh his body.” Not to mention the fish that frolic in the waters of the basins and the ducks that wade cheerfully on the surface.

“There is the triple ornamental, environmental and safety aspect that is at stakeadds Isabelle Sost, marketing and communication director of the company from Lune. In addition, the water is treated in such a way that it is reused to water the surrounding lawns. A “circuit” which, in addition to high-tech technology made in Lunel, also promoted job creation on the site of the World Cup.

Among which those of the technicians in charge of managing the water treatment process on the Watermaster installations and the Bio-UV machines. A winning match on all sides!

In numbers

4. A lucky number for Bio-UV, which has been listed on the stock market for 4 years and which has just recorded a consolidated turnover of €44.3 million in 2021.

150. This is the number of employees (including 90 in Lunel) that make up the teams of Benoît Gillmann’s company, which began the water treatment adventure in 2000 with a handful of associates.

70. Bio-UV and its various technologies developed over the years – treatments using ultraviolet rays, ozone, advanced oxidation process (ozone + UV) and salt electrolysis – is now present in seventy countries around the world.

1,200 m2. A 1,200 m2 extension was granted to Bio-UV by the municipality of Lunel. In the extension of the already existing building of 5,200 m2, a new two-storey building will be added during 2023: a ground floor and a first floor of 600 m2 each.

20. This is the number of hires expected in the coming months within the company.

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Bio-UV Group of Lunel at the water service for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

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