Big reset at B&You: revisited packages for the start of the school year.

Stay reachable at a lower cost

Notice to those who simply want to call without constraint, check a few emails, sometimes surf the networks:

for the price of a basic McDonald’s menu, €6.99 exactly, B&You takes care of providing you with “the bare minimum”. In this package without engagementtelephony is unlimited, but in mainland France only. Usable in Europe and DOM, this single giga should suffice to settle day-to-day business.

Good to know : Despite this small volume of mobile data in 4Gyou can still enjoy thesubscription to at €6/month if you wish it. Indeed, its access is unlimited, and is not not counted of your plan. It’s up to you 70 general and thematic channelswherever you want!

The new spearhead that “breaks the house”

In the B&You range, I ask for the fastest, most general package, and despite everything bearable for my finances:

130 GB in 5G at €15.99 per month : this is the latest news B&You 5G Special Series. You can check with our mobile plan comparator of the month for January : you will not find any other package without engagement, in 5G, with as much data, at this price. The first competitor at less than 16 euros is 30 gigabytes less, but also 33% less throughput. B&You takes advantage of Bouygues Telecom’s excellent 5G network and announces a theoretical throughput of up to 1.5 Gb/s.

And since you now have 5G and sufficient speed, let yourself be surprised: B&You offers one month free access to Pleio, to make you discover the joys of online games. To be up to date, say “cloud gaming”. No downloads, no apps to install, just get on board a planet with 150 games always renewed, without advertising, with or without your friends, with your usual PS4 or Xbox One controller if you wish. Are you seduced? The option is then at €9.99 per month.

200 GB for less than 20 euros? For big, very big data consumers

Always on the go, always running between work, home, children, and yet never at home on the weekend? Your problem is not so much the flow rate as the quantity!

We stay in 4G, but still without commitment, with this 200 GB package at exactly €19.99. Once again, B&You ranks among the cheapest on the market for high-volume mobile data plans. 25 gigabytes can be used from Europe and the overseas departments. Unfortunately, always no international telephony in this package.

On the other hand, with such a volume, B&You said to itself, no doubt rightly, that your phone followed you everywhere, for work as for your private window. Who knows, maybe you even work from home? Always is ita handy option is offered to you at 3 euros per monthjust to recover a bit of tranquility, and to better separate your two lives. This is the Onoff option: without changing phone or planget a 2nd number, reserved for your activity for example. With a single gesture, you can then to extinguish all notifications and ringtones linked to this second number thanks to the on-off button. Finally have dinner serenely with your family: the messages will be waiting for your return!

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Big reset at B&You: revisited packages for the start of the school year.

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