Best Google Camera 8 Ports For All Android Smartphones

While some manufacturers are on the way to increasing megapixels, Google is on a different path and places great importance on software algorithms. Son approach is efficient and many people like to use Google Camera requestbecause third-party developers have repeatedly ported the utility to various smartphones.

“First launched with the Google Nexus 5 phone, and Google Camera is currently only supported on Pixel devices. It allows you to take your photo experience and photo quality to the next level with its many additional features such as HDR+ Enhanced, Portrait Mode, Night Sight, Astrophotography. With these features and other software enhancements, you can take much better photos than your phone’s stock camera app. XiaomiUI.

Google Camera sometimes customized mods offers a number of additional options that extend the functionality of the stock app. Here are the latest and greatest ports of Google Camera 8 which will fit many smartphones running Android 10 and newer software versions.

Download and install the Google Camera app on any Android smartphone

BSG GCam – 8.4.600

BSG is one of the popular developers that regularly releases GC ports. Version 8.4.600 is a stable mod compatible with a large number of devices. You can download the port from the link below.

Download BSG GCam – 8.4.600

Parrot043 GCam – 8.4.300

Parrot043 is another enthusiast involved in porting Google Camera to smartphones from various companies. GCam 8.4.300, in addition to traditional functions, offers 4K video support for the front camera and on/off electronic stabilization.

Download Parrot043 GCam – 8.4.300

Nikita GCam – 8.2.300

One of the stable and advanced versions of Google Camera. Among the additional “goodies”: “Libpatcher” is available to edit the photo processing step and improve the quality of photos, by adjusting sharpness, contrast, exposure and color values.

Download Nikita GCam – 8.2.300

The_Dise GCam – 8.2.204

DMGC 8.2.204, one of the most stable and fastest ports of Google Camera created by developer he_Dise. Also, this port of GCam has no additional features; it is just a modified version of the stock Google Camera app to work on other devices. That’s why it works well, well suited for older devices.

Download DMGC 8.2.204

Arnova8G2 GCam-8.1.101

From developer Arnova8G2, the recognized leader in Google Camera porting. Often, developers create their own mods, taking Arnova8G2’s solutions as a basis. Older versions of the ports are stable, while newer versions are available in beta and are experimental. Moreover, Arnova8G2 GCam 8.1.101 offers many advanced features.

Download Arnova8G2 GCam – 8.1.101

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Best Google Camera 8 Ports For All Android Smartphones

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