Become stingy: this mobile plan costs €4.99 and it’s crazy

You may not be familiar with Prixtel, but it is nevertheless one of the most dynamic telecom operators of this year 2022. The latter relies on the SFR network to offer a range of mobile plans at a really very attractive price. . If you want to save money, whatever your level of consumption, this is an offer to consider.

The lowest price already meets the expectations of the vast majority of French people. The latter comes for example with all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 40 GB in France and 10 GB from the EU and the overseas departments for 4.99 euros per month. This rate is guaranteed to you during the first year, after which it goes up by 5 euros per month.

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Prixtel also adopts an adjustment mechanism that allows you to always keep a contained price, even if you exceed this envelope of 40 GB. If you go up to 50 GB in a given month, it will only cost you 7.99 euros. Finally, if you go up to 60 GB over a month, it will cost you 9.99 euros. Basically, Prixtel looks at each end of the month what you have used, and it bills you according to your use.

Carriers tend to bully their customers, with price hikes and hidden fees. Prixtel plays the transparency card with a simple, flexible and non-binding mobile plan. You can therefore terminate at any time and without notice if you are no longer in phase with its offer. The MVNO therefore has the obligation to always stay in top form so as not to disappoint you and see you leave.

An extra large mobile plan for 1%

The mobile plan above is called “Le petit”. However, it is sufficient for the majority of French people: between 40 and 60 GB, it is already an envelope that will be sufficient to have intense and regular use of your internet connection on mobile. Also keep in mind that sometimes you’re on Wi-Fi (at work or at home) and that doesn’t matter. Roughly speaking, this will suit 99% of the population.

However, if you have an extreme use of your mobile connection, then it may be better to opt for the Le grand formula. The latter comes in the same format as the first but with higher data levels. By default, you go on a 100 GB subscription for 6.99 euros per month. There are two levels of 120 GB for 9.99 euros and 140 GB for 12.99 euros per month.

The MVNO also bills you here as close as possible to your actual usage. In this way, you avoid the extra package which can sometimes be very expensive with some operators. All the formulas put forward by Prixtel can be compared to a standard 3-in-1 package that can be adjusted according to your needs. You can look everywhere else in the market, no one is offering the same thing.

To discover this package, it’s here:

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A package without time limit

The first two mobile plans detailed above benefit from an ultra-aggressive price during the first year. Beyond that, they return to their normal price. If you are looking for a subscription at an advantageous rate over time, there is a little novelty. As part of a partnership with the French basketball league, it has put forward an attractive ephemeral offer.

You can have a mobile plan with unlimited calls and SMS and 20 GB for 5.99 euros per month. The two levels of 50 and 80 GB are respectively at 7.99 euros and 9.99 euros per month. Unlike the first, this price will not move beyond the first year. However, the MVNO does not specify the validity period of its offer.

In any case, Prixtel does not intend to keep these attractive offers in the long term. It is positioned as an actor almost half the price of all the competition for this long weekend. Featured offers end Tuesday, June 14 at midnight. It’s time to save money on your monthly budget.

For those who have never changed their mobile plan, here is the procedure to follow: call 3179 (free) to obtain an RIO code. This is unique to your phone number. Then, when you fill out the form on the official Prixtel website, you will need to enter this RIO code. It will allow you two things: 1) transfer your phone number to Prixtel and 2) cancel your current subscription. So you won’t have to deal with a team of sales people over the phone trying to keep you with your current operator.

To see the offers of Prixtel, it’s here:

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Become stingy: this mobile plan costs €4.99 and it’s crazy

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