At less than 5 euros per month, this mobile plan is one of the best on the market

If the name of Prixtel does not mean anything to you yet, that should quickly change. Indeed, it is one of the most dynamic telecom operators this year. Based on the SFR network, Prixtel unveils a range of packages at the best price. Paying tens of euros for a mobile offer that does not suit you and committing for years is ancient history.

To save money without giving up on a relevant number of mobile data, Prixtel has the ideal packages. The smallest price in the range should already meet the expectations of the vast majority of users. It offers 30 GB of internet in 4G for 4.99 euros per month the first year. We tell you everything about this extremely advantageous package.

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30 GB for less than 5 euros per month, it’s unheard of

Prixtel delights with its “Le Petit” package. The MVNO adopts an adjustment mechanism that allows you not to toast with extra-package and to always keep a contained price. Even when you exceed your initial data envelope. Thereby, if you use up to 30 GB, you will pay 4.99 euros per month. With unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. If a month, you use between 30 and 40 GB, don’t panic: you will have it for 7.99 euros. Finally, if you go up to 50 GB, it will cost you 9.99 euros. To put it simply, Prixtel checks the number of gigas you have used each month and bills you according to your consumption. So you only pay for what you actually consumed. But hurry, this crazy offer already ends on August 16

Knowing that the French use on average less than 20 GB of data each month, the “Le Petit” package from Prixtel is more than enough. With 30 GB, you can very well stroll on social networks regularly, watch your current series from time to time in public transport or call your loved ones by video to come to the news. In short, there is little chance that you will run out before the end of the month.. And at worst, you can tickle up to 50 GB with Prixtel’s adjustment.

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Prixtel packages are all without engagement, which means you can leave the MVNO at any time. But it has many advantages. Faced with competition, Prixtel plays the card of transparency and offers a simple, flexible, non-binding mobile plan at the best price. If the rates are guaranteed the first year, they increase after twelve months.

However, if you use your mobile connection intensively, note that Prixtel offers two formulas for large consumers of mobile data. The “Le Grand” package invites you to take advantage of 70 GB and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for 7.99 euros per month the first year (then 10.99 euros monthly). On his side, the “Le Géant” offer offers you a 100 GB envelope for 9.99 euros per month the first year (then 12.99 euros monthly), and always unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. This is ideal if you rely heavily on tethering or download heavy videos all the time. However, such generous gig envelopes are usually only suitable for a niche of users. If you fall into this category, this is an excellent choice.

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Why choose Prixtel?

We can say that Prixtel is a bit of a UFO in the mobile plan market. When its competitors, such as B&You and RED by SFR, offer an 80 GB envelope at around 14 euros per month, Prixtel completely shrivels up the prices of its mobile plans.

In addition to offering mobile plans at insolent prices, Prixtel relies on the SFR network. You thus benefit from a fast and high-quality network. In addition, its customer support is based in Aix-en-Provence to answer all your questions quickly.

Also, note that the MVNO is the only operator to be carbon neutral. Each of the emissions related to its customers’ mobile plans is offset through programs with partners. This is yet another small gesture that is always good to salute.

Finally, know that you can, of course, keep your current telephone number free if you go to Prixtel. To do this, simply retrieve your RIO number by calling 3179. All you have to do is communicate it when you subscribe and you’re done.

To take advantage of the best prices at Prixtel, you have until August 16. After, it will be too late. If necessary, you can clarify the latest details on the official website of the MVNO. Everything is displayed clearly and clearly.

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At less than 5 euros per month, this mobile plan is one of the best on the market

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