Apple’s AR/VR headset is past 90% of its development

ar icon bezelOne of the highly anticipated Apple novelties is undoubtedly the headset mixing augmented reality and virtual reality. A previous statement revealed that many engineers have been working on this unprecedented and ambitious project since 2015. As of now, the helmet is said to be nearing completion!

A launch this year?

According to a recent report by BloombergApple’s AR/VR headset project would be soon to be completed. Engineers working on this future product gave a demo to Apple’s board of directors last week to show them just how good the product is. efficient and go revolutionize the daily lives of Apple customers.
It is mentioned that Apple’s headset is at a stage very advanced of its development, the main “blockages” linked to certain technologies are now a thing of the past and the engineers continue to progress at a satisfactory pace.

At the level of the operating system called “rOS” or “RealityOS” (not yet official), the development took a gigantic acceleration kick in recent months, the software has also reached maturity. All the rumors agree to say that the hardware team and the firmware team evolve at the same speed!

apple ar headphones

Even if Apple has still not announced anything about its future AR / VR headset, we know from some indiscreet sources that Apple will offer a headset hybrid equipped with a visor curved and a soft mesh for the comfortable aspect in contact with your face.
The user will be able to quickly switch from augmented reality to virtual reality, which will avoid being excluded in an entirely virtual world as is currently the case with products from Meta or Sony.

In terms of features, it’s going to be crazy!
Rumors promise two micro-LED screens in 4K, a pair of processors that will offer a performance similar (or even better) than the M1 chips found on Macs and iPads.

There will also be a multitude of cameras to to optimise user experience, indiscretions mentioned a total of 15 camera modules to follow your eyes and understand precisely where you are looking in real time.
In addition to the cameras inside, there will also be sensors outside that will be used to detect gestures what you will do with your hands.
Apple could offer gesture interactions in the void, we can expect swipes with your hand to go in the direction you want, a specific wave of the hand to trigger Siri…

The weak point of Apple’s AR / VR headset is that the price will be very high, the Californian giant should announce a rotating price around 3000€. Unsurprisingly, Apple will seek above all to build a large profit margin and as all the components mentioned above will be expensive, the final price charged to the consumer will obviously be high.

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Apple’s AR/VR headset is past 90% of its development

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