Apple WWDC 2022: the list of expected novelties

The event Apple’s WWDC, an annual conference for developers, will be held online from June 6 to 10, 2022. A keynote will kick off the virtual event, an opportunity for the firm to announce the new features to come. Back to the rumors and announcements expected for this 2022 edition.

iOS 16 / iPadOS 16

The iOS 16 novelties are the most anticipated of the 2022 edition of the Apple WWDC conference. According to Mark Gurman, brand specialist, the new Apple OS could offer improvements in the management of notifications, this would include new features for Concentration mode. The Health and Fitness applications should also include some new features, particularly regarding women’s health and medication management.

It is likely that the firm will announce rich widgets, the latter having been introduced with iOS 15. Satellite connectivity for emergency calls would also be on the program for iOS 16. It is possible that only the iPhone 14, planned for fall 2022, can access this novelty. On the iPadOS 16 side, few rumors, but a new multitasking interface is expected.

A few months ago, a leak from mentions contained in the beta of iOS 15.5, however, seemed to announce that certain models of iPhone and iPad would not be eligible for iOS 16. This would notably be the case for the iPhone 6S and the iPad Mini 4.

macOS 13

The presentation of macOS 13 should also be among the key announcements of the opening keynote of the event. If the rumors are almost non-existent, it seems likely that the firm will focus on Apple Silicon processors and a new chip, the M1 chip having been announced in 2020. But it could be that macOS 13 reveals revamped notifications, widgets to arrange anywhere on the home screen and improvements for Universal Control.

watch OS 9

According to Mark Gurman, Apple expert and Bloomberg reporter, the next major update to the Apple Watch operating system may introduce a low-power mode to allow certain apps and features to continue running at lower power. of energy. The firm would also work on a feature allowing the detection of atrial fibrillation, but also the improvement of sleep monitoring or the establishment of periodic reminders.

tvOS 16

If the new OS for Apple TV will undoubtedly be integrated into the firm’s announcements, no information has really filtered out as to the new features that could be offered. Among the likely announcements, users could see improvements to the Apple Fitness+ app and TV app, as well as new languages ​​for Siri with the HomePod 16 software update.

A Mac mini, a MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro equipped with the M2 chip?

On the side of hardware expectations, it could be that Apple announces new Macs. The Mac mini M1 having been announced in 2020 during the firm’s WWDC conference, this could portend a new model equipped with the new M2 chip for the 2022 edition of the event. If this new generation of Apple Silicon chip is announced, a MacBook Air M2, but also a MacBook Pro or even a Mac Pro equipped with this new chip could well be announced.

An AR/VR headset?

Some rumors claim that Apple could also introduce an augmented reality headset. According to Mark Gurman, betas of iOS 16 would be full of references to a potential headset and possible interactions with the iPhone. According to the journalist, this could indicate that this AR/VR headset will be launched during the iOS 16 cycle, but seems a little premature for the WWDC conference.

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Apple WWDC 2022: the list of expected novelties

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