Apple would have created 300,000 jobs in France in 2021 according to a study

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app store logo icon ios 11New research highlights job growth and global success of small businesses and entrepreneurs on the App Store.
Two independent analyzes and reported by Apple show that the iOS app economy now supports more than 2.2 million jobs in the United States and that revenues for small US developers have grown 118% over the past two years. In France, we are talking about 300,000 new jobs.

2.2 million jobs in Europe

Apple is proud of it, the iOS application ecosystem continued to be a real engine for growth in 2021 and created many opportunities for French developers. It has created more than 300,000 jobs in the country. Across Europe, the iOS application ecosystem is growing, creating 2.2 million jobs, an increase of 7% since last year.

The figures come from two new studies showing the usefulness of the ecosystem of the apple manufacturer to help create new companies, innovate and reach consumers during the pandemic, but also to recruit in the field of code, design and creation.

Ultimately, this sector currently contributes to one of the fastest growing and most innovative global markets.

apple app store developers growth 2021

France is progressing faster

In detail, the revenues of the small structures already present in the App Store in 2019 have increased by 113% over the last two years, more than double the growth of the largest structures. In France, these small structures, those that are defined as earning up to a million dollars a year and with less than a million annual downloads, have seen their profits increase by 122% since 2019, the strongest growth within the developer community in all countries.

All these studies show not only that more companies have been innovating and using apps to stay in touch with their customers over the past two years, but also that these changes in digital and hybrid models have persisted in many countries, even after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Developers and their apps have thus offered new and sustainable ways to collaborate, have fun, express creativity and stay in touch with loved ones.

2.2 million jobs also in the USA

Last year, the iOS app economy confirmed its role as a driver of economic growth and opportunity, supporting more than 2.2 million jobs in the United States and helping small businesses grow. This information comes from the same research analyzes cited above.

A new analysis, titled “Spotlight on Small Business & App Creators on the App Store” – by independent economists at Analysis Group – has revealed that developer revenue has increased significantly over the past two years. While earnings for all developers have grown, revenue for small developers active on the App Store in 2019 has grown 113% over the past two years – more than doubling the earnings growth of large developers. In the United States, these small developers, defined as those earning up to $1 million per year and having less than one million annual downloads, have seen an above-average increase in revenue of 118% since 2019.

Additionally, a separate new analysis from the Progressive Policy Institute sheds light on job creation in the iOS app economy. This research examines how the iOS app economy has helped create millions of jobs – ranging from software development, to sales, to designers, and more.

Taken together, this research demonstrates that as more businesses have used apps to reach customers in innovative ways over the past two years, these digital and hybrid shifts have endured even as COVID-related restrictions have been lifted in many parts of the world. These developers and their apps have helped people find new and often sustainable ways to collaborate with colleagues, be entertained, hone their creativity, and connect with friends and family.

The new ones are from Europe and China

Finally, on the subject of application creators, the new arrivals in 2021 are distributed as follows:
24% came from Europe, 23% from China, 14% from the United States, 4.3% from Japan and 34% from other regions, including Korea, India and Brazil. And over the past two years, the number of small, emerging developers joining the App Store has increased – for example, in the UK, the number of small developers new to the App Store has increased by almost 40% since 2019 , and in Germany it increased by more than 25%.

Finally, the study reveals that 45% of today’s major developers were not present on the App Store, or had less than $10,000 in revenue, just five years ago.

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Apple would have created 300,000 jobs in France in 2021 according to a study

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