An entry-level Freebox demanded by subscribers or at least giving them control over their offer

An entry-level Freebox demanded by subscribers or at least giving them control over their offer

While the Freebox mini 4K has disappeared from the Free catalog, is it important that the operator again offers a cheaper offer? For the majority of subscribers, it seems that this is necessary.

Since November 3, Free has withdrawn its Freebox mini 4K from its offers. If the box can be considered old with 7 years of good and loyal service, it nevertheless represented a loss leader for future Freebox subscribers with a fairly low price compared to the competition. Univers Freebox then asked you about the relevance of relaunching a similar offer.

For the majority of the 4,936 respondents, the answer is very clearly yes: a very aggressive triple play offer is part of Free’s DNA, according to 57% of respondents. It is true that the operator has long offered the cheapest fiber offer (excluding promotions) with this small box, until increasing its price by €1 in April 2021. But the offer still remained one the cheapest on the market, in particular compared to the Bbox Fit from Bouygues Telecom which only offered dual-play. Today, the Freebox Pop, which is technically the cheapest after a year, may seem a little too far from the competition’s low-cost proposals for a comparison to be made, both in terms of price and performance.

Of the 77% of respondents who want a return to an entry-level offer, 16% believe, however, that the Freebox mini 4K should be revisited to offer better performance. As the player is still blocked on Android 7, a switch to Android 8 or higher could, for example, allow Oqee to be offered on it. For this, however, a hardware upgrade would probably be in order. Finally, 4% would simply like to review the Freebox mini 4K offer in the same form.

However, not everyone is necessarily interested in the return of the mini 4K or an equivalent. In the majority of cases responding no to our survey, ie 15% of respondents in total, it is a reworking of the Free formula that would interest them more. For example, by offering the possibility of modulating its offer, for example by removing the player or, as is already possible on some Freeboxes, by removing the television option. In short, being able to manage the content of your Freebox package yourself, and thus have more control over your bill.

In addition, for 6% of respondents, the Freebox Pop is in itself an entry-level offer if you take it in quadruple-play, ie with a Free Mobile plan. Indeed, if it is displayed at €29.99/month the first year then €39.99, it can however return to the same price as the historic entry-level offer of Free (€29.99) by taking advantage of the €10 promo on the all-unlimited Free plan, which is offered at €9.99/month on one line. Finally, 2% simply consider that the current Free offers are already quite attractive compared to the competition.

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An entry-level Freebox demanded by subscribers or at least giving them control over their offer

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