Alice in Borderland: will there be a season 3?

While season 2 ofAlice in Borderland ended with a most disconcerting end, many are the fans who wonder if Arisu will continue his adventure in a third season. SFR News takes stock of the future of the series! Notice to latecomers: if you haven’t seen all the episodes available on Netflix yet, expect some major spoilers.

As we write these lines, doubts remain about the future of the series. Alice in Borderland on Netflix. But several elements indicate that the conclusion of season 2 does not mark the end of the adventures of Arisu. A season 3, a spin-off… what is Netflix planning? We reveal to you what the platform at N red is probably working on.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Ending Hints at Season 3

The least we can say is that the last moments of the final episode of season 2 ofAlice in Borderland sow doubt. While everything seems to be over, a strange image suggests that it might not be. We saw Arisu waking up in a hospital alongside those he met in Borderland, and we were shown that he had no memory of his stay in the game and that he was, apparently , back for good in the real world. Unless… At the very end of the episode, an enigmatic shot shows us a table on which cards are placed. The wind carries some of them away, but there is one that stands out: that of the Joker. If some will just see it as a wink or a little script pirouette, others will find a message there. The Joker is a figure who likes to deceive his world, and the cards have held great importance in the universe of the series so far. Could the appearance of this card mean that the game is still in progress? That our heroes have simply reached a new level and the worst is yet to come? If a season 3 is ordered, there is a very good chance that it will start from there.

A spin-off titled Alice on Border Road

If the manga on which it is based Alice in Borderlands ended well on images similar to what the series showed us, it however later gave birth to two spin-offs. The first is called Alice on Border Road and tells how an introverted high school girl finds herself, in turn, projected into a ruined and post-apocalyptic Japan. She soon meets other people who are in the same situation as her, and they will discover that they are stuck in this strange world and forced to participate in cruel and deadly games… That tells you something ? Alice on Border Road has a very similar beginning to the original series, but far from being a feminine copy-paste, this manga gradually moves away from its model to tell us a completely different story. Adapting it would be another way for Netflix to continue the series, especially if the actors of the first two seasons were not available to continue the adventure.

Retry: a sequel with an older Arisu

The other paper version spin-off is more like a sequel than a spin-off series. This manga is called Alice in Borderland: Retry, and its hero is an Arisu well settled in his adult life. Our hero got married and his wife Yuzuha is about to give birth to their first child. But while Arisu is on his way to a temple, he finds himself teleported back to Borderland. Once again, he is forced to participate in games to save his skin! And it starts well: from the first test, the hero faces 5 suspicious people, as well as a mysterious corpse… A story that takes place in only two volumes, and which, rather than a season 3, could serve as an end to the Netflix version series, within several years, we hope.

And if you can’t wait to know what will be the future ofAlice in Borderland on Netflix, know that you have something to soothe your soul since the two manga mentioned above are both available in French in all good bookstores.

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Alice in Borderland: will there be a season 3?

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