AirDroid Cast: Reliable screen sharing and control from Android or iOS to PC

AirDroid Cast is one of those software that everyone misses. Because? Because it’s a powerful solution that allows anyone to easily, quickly and reliably set up their screen sharing sessions from an Android or iOS smartphone to another device such as a PC or Mac.

The big surprise of the program, which sets it apart from the rest, is the fact that it has a wide variety of sharing and control tools suitable for beginners, teams, and businesses of all types, whether large, medium or small.

What is AirDroid Cast?

In short, we can define AirDroid Cast as a complete and simple application which allows you to share or mirror your Android or iOS screen to PC. To start experimenting, download it here.

Basically, it is a control utility that allows to share mobile screens with any Windows or computer and also to take direct control of these mobile devices on a computer. For example, the system works also with a browser:

mirror a browser

With AirDroid Cast Web, you can remotely cast your screens to computer, phone, tablet, TV or other devices.

Screen launch comes to life with just a few clicks on the web browser from anywhere and anytime!

  1. No Download or Installation Required: AirDroid Cast Web is a reliable assistant without the restrictions of cables, whether you’re working remotely, on the go, or at a temporary work/entertainment site. All you need is a device with a web browser to receive a screen from Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/device without installing any software!
  2. Unlimited Cross-Platform Support: AirDroid Cast Web is perfectly compatible with multiple devices, no matter what system those devices are using. Any device with a web browser can become a screen sink, whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.
  3. Mirror always safe and wireless, no matter: no longer be limited by a LAN network. Mirroring via AirDroid Cast Web is easy to do and works smoothly regardless of whether your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

Screen mirroring comes to life with just a few clicks on the web browser, anywhere, anytime!

Screen sharing with iOS and Android, PC and Mac support

Thus, we find full support for screen sharing with iOS and Android users, the application can display smartphone screens on larger screens, and even let it take control of remote mobile devices. One of the most powerful in its segment.

1654778548 787 AirDroid Cast Screen sharing and reliable control of Android or

Beforehand, we can say that the heart of AirDroid Cast’s work and operability lies in a streamlined interface and easy-to-use toolset, allowing anyone to fully enjoy screen sharing between their home PC. or professional and a mobile device. .

It works, even on old PCs!

In fact, the application is light and fast and can be installed even on older desktops or laptops running older versions of Windows. Once up and running, users have an easy way to cast the Android or iOS device screen to the computer desktop, cast the Windows computer screen to the mobile device, and even launch macOS device screen!

How it works?

AirDroid Cast Screen sharing and reliable control of Android or

First of all, the whole procedure of starting the sharing session on devices running the AirDroid app can be done in several ways:

  • Via a QR code or by writing the transmission code,
  • Via a USB cable to transmit the screen, greatly reducing transmission times, achieving clearer images.
  • Mirror or cast the screen of any AirPlay compatible device such as iPhone, iPad or Mac. In fact, your Windows PC and Mac can be turned into an AirPlay receiver, allowing you to watch videos, movies or play games on a bigger screen.

In fact, sharing can be done wirelessly, via local Wi-Fi or by connecting to the Internet. Of course, the possibility of being able to perform the task via a USB cable between a PC and a mobile device has not been forgotten, as we mentioned earlier!

1654778549 597 AirDroid Cast Screen sharing and reliable control of Android or

On the other hand, the connection can also be established using the standard AirPlay service on compatible devices such as iPhone, iPad or even a Mac.

Mainly, all of this is possible because AirDroid Cast turns any PC into a real AirPlay receiver.

Benefits and Versatility

1654778549 49 AirDroid Cast Screen sharing and reliable control of Android or

While the versatility of AirPlay is unmatched, the software also allows its users to not only establish secure and reliable connections whenever they want, but also mix and match the type of casting sessions in use.

Finally, the application supports a maximum of 5 real-time screen shares, running simultaneously, with an option for the user to support any of the connected devices, but only if the client allows it.

In this sense, it is a very practical function because it can help solve various problems for friends, family, colleagues, clients and other situations that need it.

Above all, AirDroid Cast is a unique yet simple application with all the reliability of screen sharing that can transform the way users connect to their mobile devices.

Additionally, it offers:

  • high quality video,
  • full two-way audio,
  • and the ability to support the remote device for remote control,

AirDroid Cast can serve everyone from novices to professionals.

The inconvenients:

There is still a free version, but let’s face it, something more limited and we wouldn’t expect anything else given the quality of the software.

Basically, AirDroid Cast can be used for free in a local mirroring environment, while remote mirroring and remote device control tools are only available in premium subscription license versions which start at an affordable price. $2.49 per month.

guides available

In fact, due to the versatility and usability of the brand, manuals have been created which, although in English, explain step by step each of the details in each situation where it is applied.

So let’s see:

Pricing and Features:


Local mirror


mirror image

$2.49 /month

$19.99 /year

mirror and control


$29.99 /year

Devices that can be connected 1 3 (only for annual subscriptions) 3 (only for annual subscriptions)
Unlimited data under the same Wi-Fi
Mirror Android Device Screen
Mirror iOS Device Screen
Mirror Windows Device Screen
Mirror macOS device screen
no watermark
Maximum 5 devices on 1 computer
two-way audio
Using a USB cable to mirror the screen
Airplay Service
remote mirror
Android device control
iOS device control


In summary, it is clear that it is a stimulating tool and one of the most complete of its kind. Its capacity and flexibility clearly demonstrate the potential of the software.

The extreme possibility of creating a mirror of our smartphone and even the possibility of taking control of it at any time or compatible device can be a great asset, whether in the help of a friend or in the assistance of ‘a customer.

Program, without a doubt, recommended.

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AirDroid Cast: Reliable screen sharing and control from Android or iOS to PC

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