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In a barely one-minute video uploaded to Youtube, ABB Electric Mobility presents the new high-power charger of its design which will be used in the ninth season of the Formula E championship. in addition to receiving a nice envelope to support its growth.

Compact Supercharger

Compact, the new Race Charger has been designed by ABB Electric Mobility to regenerate the batteries of the third generation electric single-seaters which will start with the very next ninth season of the Formula E championship. Weighing 450 kg, it has almost the shape of a cube with its 1.30 x 1.15 m, for a depth of 0.85 m.

Also robust, personalized and ergonomic, it can be moved more easily from one site to another. It agrees to supply flows up to 200 A and 920 V via Combo CCS2 connectors, i.e. 160 kW of power. The latter can be operated entirely by one car, or by two, each of which will then be content with 80 kW.

ABB Race Charger for Formula E

Two LED strips provide information on the state of charge of connected cars. At the top, an intuitive screen delivers various information in real time. This supercharger will be officially operated for the first time at the Mexico City E-Prix on January 14.

A technology to adapt

Developed in conjunction with engineers from motorsport’s governing body the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and Formula E, the Mobile Race Chargers will be used to fully regenerate single-seater batteries before racing, but also between sessions. They feature ABB’s latest charging technology.

Already proven on high-power terminals accessible to electromobilists, it is here adapted to the demanding environment of motorsport. One of its strengths is to be able to operate from the various power sources that will be made available throughout the world during future races.

Technical progress and sustainable innovation are the cornerstones of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Our partnership with ABB is based on a shared commitment to advancing electric mobility and we are delighted that ABB is providing advanced charging systems for our Gen3 racing teams. commented Formula E boss Jamie Reigle.

From competition to the road

The advances made for Formula E will for the most part be re-employed in future ABB superchargers that will flourish at stations dedicated to electric vehicles.

This is confirmed by Frank Mühlon, head of ABB Electric Mobility: We are excited to bring our innovative charging solutions to the biggest international stage in electric mobility – the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship – continuing our drive to use the series as a test bed for new technologies more durable “.

Charging Gen3 cars will provide us with valuable test information about charging in a dynamic and competitive environment. The experience and knowledge we gain will be used to continuously improve ABB chargers for customers and consumers. “, he assured.

The recipe seems to please those who, in leisure, come to measure themselves against electric sports cars in the circuits which are open to them. Requests have already been made to ABB to be able to have these compact superchargers.

new investors

ABB Electric Mobility does not only appeal to major motorsport bodies and drivers. Its involvement in Formula E is also attracting new investors. Thus Moyreal Holding and Interogo Holding which together provide the equivalent of approximately 203 million euros to support the growth of the ABB subsidiary.

The transaction will be finalized during this fourth quarter of 2022. It takes the form of a pre-IPO placement, i.e. a private placement which gives rise to the issue of securities without going through the stock exchange.

ABB high power chargers

ABB Electric Mobility intends to exploit this new windfall “ to continue executing its growth strategy, focused on organic investments as well as mergers and acquisitions in the hardware and software sector “. These two new Swiss minority investors consider “ that ABB Electric Mobility will play an important role in the transformation towards a more sustainable society “.

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ABB’s new mobile supercharger for Formula E – AVEM – Association for the Future of Electro-Mobile Vehicles

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