A French company will change the lives of 1.7 million French people, thanks to a credit card…

News JVTech A French company will change the lives of 1.7 million French people, thanks to a credit card…

Checkout is always a dreaded moment for several reasons. How much will I get? Are you trying to scam me? Contactless will pass or not? So many questions that 1.7 million French people face almost every day.

A great French initiative!

If you have clicked on this article, you are probably wondering what the number indicated in this article refers to. Well, the latter simply refers to the figures put forward by the French Federation of the Blind1.7 million people are affected by a vision disorder in France (253 million worldwide). And it is precisely to help these people in their daily lives that the French company, Thales, has decided to launch a voice credit card.

For those unfamiliar with Thales, this isan electronics group specializing in several sectors, which is particularly known for its “Defence and security” activities which represent the vast majority of their tasks (missile systems, airborne surveillance, radar equipment). None of this has anything to do with credit cards. However, thanks to its partnership with Handsome, a company specializing in inclusive solutions, Thales will launch the Voice Payment Card.

A French credit card that speaks!

You may not know it, but despite the many advances made over the past few years, most banking services are not or hardly adapted to people with disabilities. The Voice Payment Card is there to facilitate all banking transactions for people with blindness or visual impairment. Thanks to this card, they will be able to make a payment in complete peace of mind without fear of fraud or error.

As we explained above, with the help of Handsome, Thales has made using this card really intuitive. When receiving their card, the user must download an application to their phone to pair their card. At checkout, a voice assistant takes over via the application and voices the amounts from the payment terminals. In short, each stage of checkout is described orally, from the announcement of the amount to the validation of the transaction.

Of course, this system has been certified by Visa and Mastercard and will soon be offered by many banking establishments. In addition to this Voice Payment Card, the Ile-de-France company also explains thatanother version of the card is currently in development for people traveling abroad. This should be able to translate multiple languagesbut also of convert amounts to user’s currency. The creation of these two cards is commendable, since they will undoubtedly limit scams as much as possible during checkout, whether in France or abroad.

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A French company will change the lives of 1.7 million French people, thanks to a credit card…

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