8 social media trends to manage your social networks in 2023

As every year, we offer you an overview of good practices and trends that will mark the year 2023 in the main areas of digital: social media, e-commerce, SEO, CRM…

For this section devoted to social media, we interviewed Swello, the French platform that allows you to manage all of your publications on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). She deciphers for us the social media trends to follow for the coming year.

From influence marketing to snack content, via UGC or the need for transparency and authenticity, discover the trends that will drive social networks in the coming months.

1. The advent of influencer marketing

While brands are increasingly using this marketing lever, which has become essential to promote their products and services, influencer marketing should experience a boom in 2023. According to Swello, many dedicated platforms thus confirm their important place in the relationship. between brands and content creators.

Influencer marketing is now accessible for all brands, including micro-influence and the possibility of product endowments (without remuneration).

2. The explosion of User Generated Content

Among the content created and distributed by brands, the use of UGC (or User Generated Content) should also explode in 2023. The platform expects this type of content, designed by creators specializing in the field, to be taken up more through sponsored posts on social networks, but also in television commercials.

This is already the case in particular with Garnier, which uses extracts from videos of content creators (below Marie MT) to create campaigns on YouTube.

© Swello

3. Recycling and adapting content

Social media professionals will tend to reuse their content and adapt it for their publications on social media. The particularity of this recycling of content: the same message developed, but in a different way.

It will be a question of adapting its content according to each social platform, respecting their codes and the targets present.

© Swello

4. The rise of snack content

Faced with the ever-increasing volume of content distributed on social media, users are looking for short, incisive and effective formats to inform and entertain themselves. This is the case with Instagram Reels (HugoDécrypte, vakita, the new independent media launched by Hugo Clément…), or even videos published on TikTok. The objective for the brands: to succeed in capture the attention by going to the essential and by procuring emotions.

It is also an opportunity to make users want to consume longer content afterwards. If snack content should continue to grow, other platforms are betting on the opposite by favoring long formats, such as on YouTube and Twitch (Greg Guillotin, Seblafrite, etc.). To be continued !

Swello launches a feature to program Reels

5. Content perfection is coming to an end

In the closet, the perfect and retouched content! According to Swello, social media users are above all looking for transparency and authenticity from brands and influencers. Several platforms have made it their DNA, like BeReal, which is one of the best iOS and Android applications in 2022, but also Tiktok Now, or even Instagram’s “Stories Glimpse” which would be in development…

6. Mental health at the heart of concerns

Among the other trends to follow in 2023, we can also note the more important place that brands should give to the mental health of their users, to alleviate the addiction linked to social networks. If the time spent on the platforms remains a data scrutinized by many professionals in the sector, the latter could abandon it in favor of the well-being of consumers.

We are moving towards a more reasoned use of social media: monitoring screen time on phones, limiting applications, promoting a healthier lifestyle… This is what Swello is trying to advocate in particular. in its communication: use social networks less, but better.

7. SEO optimization on social networks

Google is no longer the preferred search engine for finding information on a subject! In 2023 more than ever, users will be looking for video: from cooking recipes to psychological advice, including restaurant recommendations or even “hauls” or “unboxings”… Social media professionals therefore have every interest in optimizing their hashtags and keywords to be more visible on search engines directly integrated on social networks, widely acclaimed by Generation Z.

TikTok has understood the power of its platform to search for related keywords directly in comments, in order to reference videos dealing with related topics. The retention rate is thus higher: no need to go to Google.

© Swello

Source : TechCrunch

8. The importance of customer service for brands

Another trend not to be missed in 2023 according to Swello: the support provided to customers via social channels as well as instant messaging services, such as WhatsApp which is used by the after-sales service of Better ThanFlowers or directly on Instagram. Concretely, it is a question of responding to requests from users, who now contact brands online, in order to obtain information quickly and in the most human way possible.

At Swello, support and communication with customers can be done through social media messaging. The brand’s showcase is thus clearly reinforced and makes it possible to be a real relay of the customer support already in place by chat, email and telephone.

Learn more about Spello

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8 social media trends to manage your social networks in 2023

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