5 tips to better enjoy the iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is loaded with features. Some are obvious and known to everyone. Others are more discreet, even unknown. Here are five that everyone should know.

You have in hand a brand new iPhone trendy ? With each new iteration of Apple’s mobile phone, and with each major release of iOS, additional features are offered. These are not always well known, like small hidden options of iOS 16. There are also a few tricks that deserve more emphasis.

Cast your iPhone screen to your Mac

You may already know the method for cast your iPhone screen to your TV. You can do the same with your Mac. Apple allows cast your iPhone to your computer in just two clicks. This feature is especially useful for streaming a video or music. It can also be used for slides.

Cast your iPad or iPhone to Mac. // Source: Photo Numerama

Take a Screenshot on iPhone

Depending on whether you have a phone with a “Home” button or not, the way to take a screenshot on iphone exchange. In one case, you will have to use a combination involving this famous button. In the other, no. There is a shortcut since iOS 14, consisting of tapping the iPhone on the back. And you are also told how to capture an entire web page.

Source: Numerama
The little-known trick: tapping on the back of the iPhone since iOS 14. // Source: Numerama

Hide Apps from Your iPhone Screen Without Uninstalling Them

Apps that you don’t need every day don’t always need to be uninstalled. You can just hide them from iPhone home screen. Apple has provided this option since iOS 14 and, therefore, in all phones since iPhone 6S. The application will remain installed, but will no longer be visible. It will appear in a discreet library of apps.

iPhone 13 Pro // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama
Hiding apps is useful for bringing some order to your phone. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

Locate a Lost or Stolen iPhone

Thanks to the geolocation functionalities, the loss of a smartphone is less and less of a problem. Whether you lose it or it is stolen, Google and Apple have a very practical option on Android and iOS to locate your device. Here, on the side of the Cupertino company, how to locate an iphone. It also works with iPad and Mac.

The Locate app. // Source: Numerama
The Locate app can get you out of trouble. // Source: Numerama

Scan text from camera

You can scan text directly from iPhone camera. It is the “Live Text” option which uses character detection technology. It is very practical for retrieving text and manipulating it, or for translating words into your language, if you are traveling abroad (useful when reading a menu, for example!).

Source: Photo Numerama
Scan text on the fly. // Source: Photo Numerama

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5 tips to better enjoy the iPhone

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