5 Signs Your Android Phone Has Been Contaminated

The preferred target of hackers around the world is our cell phones. With lots of malware and bogus applications, the goal is always the same: you steal your data, your login credentials and ultimately your money. The sinews of war for these modern-day gentleman burglars. The most annoying thing in the story is that these people are so talented that we sometimes do not notice at all that they are tapping into our wallets. To help you detect the presence of fraud, we give you a few points to watch out for on your smartphone.

Apps appear and disappear

Many applications carry, for example, viruses that will plague your terminals. These can be spotted because two suspicious behaviors.

The first is simply by its sudden disappearance from your home screen and app panel. However, the app is still installed but it hides to be able to prevent you from uninstalling it. In the meantime, she can commit her misdeeds below the radar.

The second is its exact opposite. Suddenly, when you didn’t ask for anything, you find yourself with one more app on your phone. We sometimes have so many installed that we don’t even notice them. They are sometimes the result of the installation of a first one which gives itself the right to install another without going through your consent. We therefore recommend that you regularly check your list of programs to be sure that they are all welcome.

Doubtful permissions

We know very well that not many of us do it, but we must nevertheless always read the permissions you give to the applications you install. If it is not required for most official applications, some more obscure ones can take advantage of your lack of attention to ask you anything. If a Sudoku game requires access to your phone book, your calendar and your email, for example, it is a bit questionable. Note that permission requests may appear after a certain amount of time so as not to attract attention. Take a look in the Authorization Manager to see who is doing what…

5 Signs Your Android Phone Has Been Contaminated

Intrusive advertisements

Advertising on the Internet, it is in number and we have accepted it. On the other hand, if you start to see that your phone home screen bombards you with advertisements, there is a problem. Adware has made it its specialty to display pop-up ads in abundance and this will therefore be a very obvious sign that you have been the victim of contamination.

Low battery

Being out of battery happens to everyone, of course. However, some malware attacks cause programs to run in the background and therefore draw even more on your phone’s resources. If you have the impression that the latter is emptying even faster than usual, then you may be the prey of an attacker.

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A match that does not match

Hackers can indeed take control of your messaging system and in particular that by SMS. Using phishing techniquethey will send messages to your contacts. In the latter, corrupt links on which your acquaintances will be asked to click in order to perpetuate contamination. It is also up to you to regularly look in your history to see if you are indeed the source of all the mailings of the last few days.

All the signs are therefore good to watch out for to be sure that you are not in possession of a contaminated smartphone. To save you the worst, we also give you some practical and easy-to-follow tips to protect yourself from cyber-attacks and shield his security.

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5 Signs Your Android Phone Has Been Contaminated

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