Xefi, IT specialist, inaugurates its new premises in Nice

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Jérémy Audegean, Anton Loretz, managers of the Xefi Nice franchise, and Sacha Rosenthal, CEO of Xefi cut the ribbon formalizing the opening of the new premises in Nice.

Xefi, IT specialist, inaugurates its new premises in Nice

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Update 04/01 at 10:35 a.m.

An inauguration with great fanfare for Xefi Nice, which is opening its new offices on rue Clément Roassal in Nice. The red carpet was rolled out to welcome the CEO, customers, suppliers and other franchisees.

Jérémy Audegean and Anton Loretz, were, at the beginning in 1988, employees of the computer company ASCII, specialized in the service to the private individuals. In 2016, gear change. They buy the company and decide to create an agency dedicated to professionals. This is where they are canvassed by the Xefi group, 130 agencies in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Monaco. “A story of destiny”, said co-manager Jérémy Audegean.

The adventure of the franchise opens up to them and the company gains momentum. “We have gone from 1 million euros in turnover to 5 million euros today, and from 3 employees to more than thirty”, proudly announces Jérémy Audegean. Supply of computer equipment, maintenance, Xefi Nice -nearly 500 customers- has moved from its 80 m² in rue Lepante to rue Clément Roassal, in a completely renovated warehouse of 310 m². 400,000 euros of investment were necessary favoring the comfort of the employees and above all, underlines Anton Loretz “Customer reception. Along with speed and commitment, reception counts as one of our key values.”

IT and human dimension

It is also the human dimension that emerged from this inauguration, with many customers present, loyal for more than 20 years. “because the teams are quick and efficient”.

The CEO of Xefi came for the occasion. Sacha Rosenthal did not fail to underline the involvement of this duo in the network founded 25 years ago and which has 1,780 employees. “Taking care of customers is obvious, but taking care of employees is essential. Our role is also to be present for our franchisees, to support them to help them grow and succeed.”

Xefi Nice still has great growth prospects ahead of it and projects in the pipeline.

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Xefi, IT specialist, inaugurates its new premises in Nice

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