World Developer Day 2022

What is Global Developer Day? What day do we celebrate this event in 2022? What is its origin, its interest?

Global Developer Day is the annual event that celebrates software developers of the whole world. The purpose of this day is to offer developers a moment to share their IT expertise and to build an important professional network.

The purpose of this day is also to celebrate the developers and their programs, the algorithm and the various services that we use and appreciate in our daily lives.

Where does World Developer Day come from? Of Russian origin and created in 2002, the initiators of this day wished a day off and paid for all the Russian developers. (This event is now celebrating its 20th anniversary) They won their case in 2009, when the Russian president signed an official decree certifying this day as a holiday.

What is funny and quite thoughtful is that this special day of the computer programming is celebrated every 256th day of the year (except for leap years). Why is that ? It’s all about math and computer science…

In binary language, the digits of the binary numeration are commonly called bits, and a bit can take on two values: 0 and 1. A byte comprises 8 bits, i.e. 2 powers of 8 values: i.e. 256 values. It is thus, and with all its meaning that the World Developer Day is at this time of the year!

What’s the point of Global Developer Day?

The interest of this day is obviously to celebrate and thank our developer friends, who work every day to develop new programs to make our lives easier. For developers already in business, this day can also take on its full meaning to join a web conference related to IT development and learn about new sector innovations.

But that’s not all ! This day is also a real opportunity to learn computer development! Don’t know where to start? Head to online learning platforms and learn to code now!

The most used computer languages ​​in the world.

The most popular computer languages ​​in the world are constantly changing. A reliable source for an objective ranking is StackOverflow’s annual study. (Real question/answer library for developers.) According to its 2022 study, the ranking of the most used programming languages ​​is:

  1. JavaScript
  3. SQL
  4. Python
  5. TypeScript

Still according to StackOverflow, and more specifically concerning databases, the most used in the world are:

  1. mysql
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. SQLite
  4. MongoDB
  5. Microsoft SQL Server

What are the different web jobs in the world?

The world of web jobs has taken on a new meaning in recent years. The Internet has become an endless resource for people looking for information, or wishing to develop their business. This article will introduce some of the popular professions and what they entail.

  • Web developer : designs and creates websites. They are in charge of the design, layout and content of a website.
  • SEO consultant : Specialist in the natural referencing of websites for companies on search engines, in particular Google.
  • Application developer : Program of computer applications and pro software.
  • data scientist : Big Data specialists, they have advanced mathematical and computer skills to create statistical learning models.

The two essential words for any developer!

And yes ! The developers all had one step in common! So certainly depending on the specializations it has been more or less used, but these two words are really a must that every IT specialist has already seen at least once in their career:

  • “Hello world”: These are the two words traditionally written by a computer programmer whose purpose is to quickly demonstrate the execution of its code.

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World Developer Day 2022

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