What are the future challenges for corporate CIOs?

the development of the digital world represents a golden opportunity to ensure economic development and business prosperity. However, such a revolution cannot take place without a profound transformation of organizations, processes and therefore the way of working. It therefore requires the implementation of savvy technological changes such as computer automation.

The IT department, the real pivot of companies

In charge of managing a company’s IT resources, the management information systems (ISD) supports all computer equipment and software that make up these resources, including applications, data storage and processing infrastructures, and backup devices.

By organizing and centralizing the management of systems, ensuring the protection and security of databases and ensuring the continuity necessary for the proper functioning of the company, the DSI can become an essential lever for controlling costs, through theimprovement of their working environment through computer automation.

So what is computer automation and how can it contribute to the success of CIOs? We will answer this question in the rest of this article and if you want to deepen your knowledge, you can find out more thanks to Absyss.

What are the fields covered by computer automation?

All companies are faced with the problem of inefficient work processes. Although they are very often essential, these processes result in a loss of productivity for users and a waste of precious time when carrying out certain very simple, but repetitive operations.

Computer automation, better known as IT Automation, includes all the methods and tools used to automate activities that are usually performed by humans within a company.

Generally, it is possible toautomate any IT task within a certain limit. Thus, this automation can be associated or applied to any task, ranging from network management to that of configuring and launching software, passing through the transfer of data in the cloud, infrastructures and existing management systems.

The Benefits of IT Automation for CIOs

The computer park is more and more complex: it is quite common for a CIO to have to manage a hundred servers (even thousands) on a daily basis, with disks exceeding thousands of TB, and many software… this fact, the company can quickly move away from its global horizon and lose its ability to manage resources effectively.

IT automation has many benefits for the companies that use it, such as:

If CIOs consider that process automation is a real priority today, because it will totally revolutionize information systems.

Indeed, thanks to this automation, there will be less risk of errors committed by the staff and the time can therefore be devoted to the realization of high added value missions. The automation of processes is therefore very conducive to the development and increase in the productivity of the company.

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What are the future challenges for corporate CIOs?

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