At a time when digital is omnipresent in our daily lives, Bordeaux has a very complete training offer in the web and digital with specialized or more generalist schools. Among them, only one is renowned for its quality teaching, its prestigious partnerships and its emblematic international trips which offer varied experiences and skills. Since 2017, the WEBTECH Institute school has welcomed many students wishing to establish themselves as well as possible in the job market. Presentations !

Study technologies abroad

It is on the quays of Chartrons, a strategic location in the heart of the city, that WEBTECH INSTITUTE chose to establish itself 5 years ago. This school prepares students for jobs related to new technologies (connected objects, drones, AI, 3D printing) and computer programming. At the end of their 3-year course, young people obtain the Web & Technologies bachelor’s degree. Apprentices obtain the Manager’s diploma in innovative projects, after 5 years, and with a specialization in data management or full stack development. Whether you opt for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s, both paths lead to a total immersion of 2 months abroad each year.

Indeed, considering that linguistics and intercultural management constitute key skills in the evolution of a career, WEBTECH Institute integrates in its training, departures abroad which vary according to the level of studies and the programs. This stay is made up of educational projects, visits to companies and meetings with local stakeholders which allow everyone to immerse themselves in different methodologies. This immersion is designed around a red thread, a theme defined by the school and which will influence the projects on which the students will work throughout the year.

2nd year (BAC +2) : E-COMMERCE/ WEB DEVELOPMENT (Barcelona)
3rd year (BAC+3): GAME DEVELOPMENT – UBISOFT (Montreal /Toronto)
4th year (BAC+4) : MOBLE DEVELOPMENT (Singapore)
5th year (BAC+5) : START-UP MANAGEMENT (San Francisco)

With a campus in Lille, Lyon and Paris, students also meet students from other cities to work together on various projects. What also promote national mobility, a factor that promotes professional advancement. In addition to these training trips, the students carry out internships from the 1sttime year to gradually integrate into the world of work. From the 3th year, they carry out their training on a work-study basis, with a rhythm of 3 weeks in the company and 1 week at school. On the theory side, they are trained in robotics, the Internet of Things, coding and artificial intelligence. A complete course that allows a serene integration into the labor market!

Quality speakers and an anchored human dimension

trip abroad to Bordeaux

To be trained in the professions of tomorrow, WEBTECH Institute surrounds itself with the best. The courses are thus given by professional speakers, specialists in their fields of activity. They bring skills, experience and network to students eager to learn.

In parallel, WEBTECH Institute welcomes strong personalities from the world of development, programming, cybersecurity and entrepreneurship all year round in the form of conferences. These are intended to inspire and provide insight into the opportunities of today’s and tomorrow’s professional world. Among them, we can mention Thibaut Maudet, a specialist who is a Smarthome/Domotics integrator and Hikko manager; Khrystyna Grynko who is cloud customer Engineer, data and public sector.

As part of the Next-U group, Webtech Institute is also recognized for its innovative pedagogy, closer to students. Despite the development of several schools and an expansion in many cities in France, the group has managed to retain its human and family side. All students are supported in their work-study research, departures abroad and the various projects carried out with the speakers. Coaching workshops for working on CVs, cover letters and job interviews are regularly offered, as are Job Meetings. The school also puts current students in contact with former students so that they can exchange ideas in a friendly way. The school also benefits from a partnership with APEC, which supports future managers in work-study programs and offers numerous webinars to students.

Events that energize the campus

Dynamic campus at Webtech Bordeaux

To motivate, integrate and federate students, WEBTECH Institute regularly organizes events open to all. A BDE which makes friendliness and festivity the main assets of this school: discovery of the best addresses in Bordeaux twice a month, organization of a ski weekend, regular afterworks… The teaching team also offers numerous activities to strengthen the proximity between the administration and the students. On the program: escape game, karting and above all the memorable bootcamp which takes place every year at the start of the school year!

The next dates not to be missed!

To discover the WEBTECH Institute spirit and the various training courses offered, go to April 23 from 1 p.m. for the open house! To get there, prior online registration is required: here.

To integrate the school, students must obtain the NEXT competition. Admission sessions are scheduled for the end of April and personalized dates are offered for everyone depending on availability. On the program for post-bac to Bac+3: 4 multiple choice questions (logic, general culture, English and digital culture), a motivational interview and a personality test. For Bac+4 to Bac+5: 2 multiple choice questions (English and computer literacy), analysis of a press review, motivational interview, personality test and file (cover letter + CV). To register : here.

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101 Quai des Chartrons – 33300 Bordeaux
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