VIDEO. Computer genius John McAfee found hanged in Spanish jail

John McAfee is the man of a thousand lives: professor of mathematics, engineer, inventor of an antivirus program that bears his name, millionaire, candidate for the American election, then convict. Born in England just after World War II, McAfee grew up alongside an alcoholic and violent father who committed suicide when John was only 15 years old. Settled in the United States, the young man enrolled in college where he was passionate about mathematics, computers, and drugs, which he tasted all: cocaine, cannabis, LSD.

After graduating anyway, John becomes a professor at a university in Louisiana from where he is expelled after having sex with one of the students. But his computer genius will transform him into a wealthy businessman. 1987 is the year of success when he invents one of the first antivirus software: orders pour in and dollars rain down by the millions. At age 49, in 1994, John McAfee sold his shares and retired to Colorado to devote himself to Yoga, a Zen passion but which he continued to mix with alcohol and drugs.

He opens a mysterious laboratory in the jungle

In 2008, the financial crisis partially ruined John. He leaves for Belize, a micro-country in Central America and tax haven, where he opens a mysterious laboratory in the middle of the jungle. He claims to produce antibiotics from local plants there, but the authorities rather suspect him of manufacturing synthetic drugs. Now paranoid, surrounded by mastiffs and bodyguards, John argues with one of his neighbors, Gregory Faull, who complains about McAfee’s dogs, which are too noisy. A few days later, in the fall of 2012, Faull was found dead, shot dead in his swimming pool. Suspected of having planned the murder, McAfee fled to Guatemala to seek asylum there, before managing to return to the United States by feigning health problems.

John is now old enough to be a grandfather but he continues to burn his life: drugs, alcohol, and surrounding himself with young women. Having become the king of provocation on social networks, McAfee is even a candidate in 2016 then in 2019 in the primaries of the American elections to defend the libertarian party.

The taxman is on his heels plus unpaid taxes

But justice catches up with him: he is sentenced in civil court for the murder of his former neighbor in Belize and must pay 25 million dollars. The taxman is also on his heels for unpaid taxes. John then decides to flee by sea aboard his giant yacht called “The great mystery”, heading for Europe. In October 2020, he is arrested in Barcelona, in Spain, at the request of the American authorities and imprisoned pending extradition. On June 23, 2021, a Spanish court validated his extradition. McAfee is found hanged the same evening in his cell, a suicide according to the authorities, an end that his wife and his lawyers who lean towards a murder refuse. Everyone can agree on at least one point: John McAfee the terrible child of computing could not die peacefully in his bed.

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VIDEO. Computer genius John McAfee found hanged in Spanish jail

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