Trust, pioneer of responsible computer accessories


by Adam Belghiti Alaoui

CSR commitments are becoming a differentiating and valuable lever for companies. Trust International, a Dutch specialist in computer and gaming accessories, has established itself as a pioneer in its sector in this area. Explanations with Martijn Lutgerink, commercial director of the brand.

What are the motivations behind Trust International’s “green” commitment?

First of all, as a company, we must make commitments for the environment. Although we are not a very large structure, we manufacture 20 million products per year and reducing our carbon footprint is therefore an important issue. Next, consumers are always demanding more responsibility from the brands they buy from, and we particularly target young audiences with our computer products and gaming accessories. Finally, more and more of our professional customers, retailers or resellers, are developing their own responsible programs, especially the largest companies. And the criterion of commitment to sustainable development is becoming ever more important in the choice of suppliers.

How does this commitment take shape?

The first question is: where can we have the greatest impact on our supply chain? In addition to the work carried out with our factories and our suppliers to respect our social commitments, we focus our responsible commitment on the manufacture of our products. With a main formula: reduce, remove, recycle. Reducing the size and weight of our packaging, removing as much plastic and polluting materials as possible and using more and more recycled materials. We currently have a range of around thirty responsible products, comprising 65% to 85% recycled materials.

Trust is a pioneering brand in terms of commitment in its segment value for money. While very large groups almost all have a responsible program, this is not the case for smaller brands like ours.

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Trust received the EcoVadis silver medal, which rewards its CSR commitment, what does this represent?

Indeed, our commitment was recognized this year by the awarding of this EcoVadis silver medal, which assesses the performance of organizations in terms of responsible, ethical and sustainable objectives and distinguishes the first quarter of companies that are at the top of the basket among all those considered. This rewards work carried out over the past three years and comes with demands for results and strong commitments that are monitored. EcoVadis is a standard recognized by the market and in B2B exchanges, but also by consumers. The objective is to soon be able to apply for the gold medal, which brings together the 5% of the most committed companies among all those evaluated by EcoVadis.

Such an approach must be transparent. This year we published our second impact reportfully public, which details our responsible approach. It’s about showing what we do, how we do it and what we’re going to do in the future. Always with the objective of offering quality products that are sustainable, accessible and ecologically responsible.

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Trust, pioneer of responsible computer accessories

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