SMEs: properly structure your IT infrastructure to prepare for growth

With the Omicron wave in Asia and rising kerosene prices, are you worried about jolts in your market?

Badr Mashghoul — Airlines remain confident for the summer season. The market returns to its pre-crisis level. On April 1, the average seat supply was 86%; demand was at 80%. Tourists are back in the air! In addition, efforts to decarbonize the sector will lead to a need to upgrade or replace fleets. Our activity of purchase/sale and leasing of aircraft, engines or spare parts, as well as disassembly and recycling of aircraft will be in full demand!

Why did you choose Dell Technologies as your IT partner?

In 2011, Vallair experienced a significant growth phase. We wanted to standardize our IT policy, both from a hardware and software point of view, for greater efficiency. We consulted several suppliers, taking into consideration a triangle of cost, quality and time to set up the park. We made it a point of honor to select reliable partners, on whom we could rely in all stages of the life of the company as well as within the projects carried out by its teams. It seemed important to us to go directly with the manufacturer of our largest equipment fleet. Support and quality of service are also factors that are important to us when choosing service providers.

Dell Technologies was able to convince us with a financing solution at a very competitive rate. This allowed us to have facilities concerning the financing of the equipment, which we now always take on leasing with the option to purchase at 1 €. The equipment being financed mainly over 3 years, but used much longer in our teams, these possibilities allow us to manage our fleet at our convenience.

What equipment do you use, for what purpose?

We mainly use servers and user workstations. On the server side, we work with PowerEdge to virtualize machines and set up our IT services (printing, directory, network services, etc.). On the user side, we use fixed workstations OptiPlex for office automation, communication tools, entry into our ERP and use of our business software. Our fleet also includes laptop Latitude for our traveling teams.

Beyond technology, what do you expect from your IT service provider?

The services available with the purchase of the machines are key. Breakages or accidental breakdowns happen. Fortunately, they are rare. And we have always received very good support from Dell Technologies regarding the various problems encountered on the end terminals. The warranties associated with the materials have covered all of our support requests since the beginning of the partnership. Response times generally do not exceed 24 hours, only certain rare cases can reach 48 hours.

What advice would you share with an entrepreneur who needs to equip himself with computer equipment?

You have to take the time to discuss your needs with your suppliers, do not rush headlong into the purchase of certain machines and ask for the right configuration of the equipment, so that it is not too expensive. Investigate the reputation of manufacturers with your peers. Pay attention to the means implemented to deploy your fleet, but also to the compatibility and average lifespan of the products.

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SMEs: properly structure your IT infrastructure to prepare for growth

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