Seminars: what computer equipment to rent?

The organization of a seminar is not to be taken lightly. This is an opportunity for the company to bring together all the employees. The seminar also aims to strengthen the corporate culture by organizing a meeting outside the original framework, in a new, neutral environment, conducive to establishing communication between the participants.

The company should not miss this opportunity to best disseminate the message it wants. For this, she needs the event to take place professionally, without a hitch, with equipment to match. This material, nothing obliges to buy it, especially for an occasional event, it is on the contrary more interesting to move towards a rental.

In this article we will see what computer equipment a company needs to rent to organize a professional seminar.

1. Rent tablets for your professional events

What computer equipment to rent?

Different factors come into play when it comes to evaluating the success of a seminar, or any other business meeting. We often think about the subject of the seminar, the way of approaching the different themes, the accuracy of the figures; the relevance of the conclusions, etc. However, the success of a seminar is not only based on the content, the form is of great importance.

This is why it is crucial to be properly equipped for an important meeting, via therental of computer equipmentand among the necessary equipment, there are the touch tablets.

During a professional meeting, you can choose to create an atmosphere in the colors of your company. This goes through furniture, wall decorations, but also through the personalization of rented computer equipment. This is not possible for all the equipment, hence the usefulness of the rental tablet, which can easily personalize (home screen) even if it is only rented.

Of course, the purpose of renting a touch pad is not just to modify the wallpaper to adapt it to the event. The tablet allows participants to ask questions liveit facilitates communication and helps to check understanding of each thanks to the establishment of a quiz for instance.

Finally, the tablet is a great information collector. Once the seminar is over, it is quite possible to collect data from different tablets and analyze them in order to improve his business.

2. Rental of audiovisual equipment

Seminars: computer equipment rent?

As you will have understood, the rental of equipment for a seminar is not limited to touch tablets. A set of audiovisual equipment is necessary for the holding of a professional meeting worthy of the name.

First, make sure the audience hears and understands what the participants are saying. There is therefore a need for rent quality microphones, speakers and amplifiers. A good sound system is absolutely necessary if you want the meeting to run smoothly and be beneficial to everyone. Obviously, tests will be done upstream to be operational on D-Day.

A good seminar also requires the projector rental (or giant tablets depending on the means). An interactive board is generally more efficient, but for an occasional event, a video projector type display is more suitable. Indeed, the interactive whiteboard requires much more time to install it and according to the structures chosen for the meeting, it will not always be possible to find a suitable location for it.

As a general rule, the audiovisual equipment rental company also takes care of its transport and installation. Be sure to find out enough so you don’t find yourself in a bad situation on the fateful day. The technicians who install the equipment can even stay for supervision during the event, allowing you to work quietly, with nearby experts if needed.

3. Multimedia terminals for your presentations

If you want some trendy and efficient materialthen choose the multimedia terminals. These new computer toys are found more and more in a wide variety of brands. You can come across them in front of a pharmacy, in a fast-food restaurant or even in the hospital. They can be used for communication or unclog queues.

As part of a professional meeting, the multimedia terminal can be very useful in many ways. It’s a digital services which offers a additional information accessible to everyone. The participants can consult the terminals at their disposal in order to inquire about the course of the seminar but not only. They can access all content that the organizers have decided to display there. These can be informative images or videos, documentation about the company, its website, etc.

It is a tool that can be beneficial for the organizer because it offers free access, without intermediary, to all participants present. It thus improves communication between the various collaborators, while being an argument in favor of Branding of the company.

The terminal therefore makes it possible to broadcast content on simple request (or continuously), it is a assistant to find information (without the need for an intermediary) and it provides better visibility to the event. And, in addition to all this, there are a large number of terminals operating at the‘solar energya positive point therefore for the ecological side.

4. How does renting equipment save money?

Seminars: what computer equipment.

One might wonder if it is not more interesting to invest in this equipment rather than to rent it. The problem is that outside of this event, this material will no longer be of any use, and will join the stock of useless objects in a room at the depot. Leasing is therefore objectively a solution that allows savings to be made for the company.

Rental is relevant for two reasons: first, Why invest in equipment that you only use occasionally? One could argue that the accumulation of rental prices each year (or semester or whatever) amounts to the purchase price. This may be true for a company that does a lot of seminars, but most are not. Just count the price of a rental and the purchase price of all the equipment to see the difference.

Secondly, the rental allows you to benefit from the latest equipment. By buying this kind of material, it will take a long time before you can change it to invest in new ones. Rental, on the other hand, gives the possibility of renting modern equipment that is more and more efficient each time.

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Seminars: what computer equipment to rent?

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