Salaries of junior IT profiles higher than the national average Computerworld

41% of French people think that a first salary in digital professions does not exceed €30,000 per year, according to a study carried out by the IT school Ironhack. While in the field, entry-level positions in IT are between €35,000 and €38,000 per year, significantly more than at the overall national level.

Each year, salary surveys carried out by various recruitment firms show that IT salaries are particularly attractive in France. We learn for example according to Robert Half that a junior development engineer will receive €40,000 gross annual compensation in 2023 and up to €60,000 if they have advanced expertise. Or for Walter Peoples that the annual salaries of technical profiles from 0 to 5 years could exceed 50,000 euros by next year. But what about the reality of the market? Are IT salaries really higher than others? For the knowledge, ironhack computer school, interviewed more than 3,203 people between October 17 and 26, 2022, including 1,002 digital employees, in order to compare their opinions on jobs. The results show that the French underestimate the salary scales in this sector.

The perception that the French have of starting salaries in IT is below the reality of the market. (Source: Ironhack/Image credit Ironhack)

As proof, 41% of respondents believe that a first salary in IT does not exceed €30,000 per year, while 71% of digital professionals indicate receiving between €30,000 and €40,000 annually. In comparison, Ironhack recalls that in France, the average gross salary is around 38,000 euros (i.e. €22,000 median salary) per year for all categories, genders and years of experience combined (source INSEE 2019). According to this survey, the level of remuneration is significantly higher in the technical professions. Indeed, for entry-level positions, IT salaries would start according to IronHack between 35 000€ and 38 €000 per year, i.e. between €5,000 and 8 000€ more than at the overall national level.

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71% of entry-level IT workers report pay levels above the national average. (Source: Ironhack/Image credit: Ironhack)

A job in IT a few months after graduation

With a little more experience, more than 93% of IT professionals even report earning more than €30,000 gross per year. In detail, they are 45% to display between 30,000 and 40,000€ on the pay slip, then 32% to declare between 40,000 and 50,000€ of remuneration and 10% to collect up to 60,000€. Finally, 6% exceed €60,000 gross annual salary. “Once they complete their course at Ironhack, we know that 90% of our graduates manage to get a job in new technologies in less than 8 months,” notes Manon Pellat, executive officer at Ironhack. “Recently, we carried out a survey which allowed us to discover that their average salary during this first hiring is €40,000, which is more than the national average”, specifies the spokesperson for the establishment.

However, the study points to a few black spots on the table, including, among other things, the problem of persistent equal pay in the digital professions. 49% of IT workers indicate that women earn less than men and are joined on this point by 25% of French people in other professions. Despite everything, it seems that far from scaring them, the IT sector lends itself to professional retraining, with 54% of respondents declaring themselves tempted by a reorientation towards the digital sector.

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Salaries of junior IT profiles higher than the national average Computerworld

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