Salaries 2023: +19% increase for data scientists Computerworld

As every year, the recruitment firm Robert Walters has published its compensation study for 2023. This provides for an average salary increase of 7% in the data, information systems and digital marketing professions. At the head of the strongest progression, we find data scientists with an experienced level, followed by IT project directors.

In 2023, remuneration will remain the first criterion of satisfaction for executives in France, particularly in this inflationary context which will push 71% of them to ask for a raise. In the digital sector, with wages in 2022 being high, this trend is expected to increase in 2023. This is what emerges from the 24th 2023 compensation study presented by the firm Robert Walters this Tuesday, December 13. In IT, salary increases are expected “especially on data analyst profiles where companies are ready to align themselves with the demands of the best candidates”, provides this report.

Thus, an average of increases in 7% in 2023 in the category of information systems and data. At the top of the list, we find the data scientist with a 19% increase expected next year on the pay slip of a profile with between 5 and 10 years of experience. With +14% increase on their pay slip, confirmed project directors (with 15 years and more of experience) as well as “lead” data scientists with up to 10 years of expertise will be among the best off, according to the firm’s projections. The reasons for this higher salary? A very strong demand from companies in these specialties. Thus, in 2022, job offers jumped 77% in the field of data compared to 2021 and 62% for project managers.

Constantly growing IT job offers

The shortage of IT profiles has the effect of pushing up the average salary increases between now and next year. (Source RobertWalters/Image credit Robert Walters)

Alongside them, digital marketing and sales professionals boosted in particular by the importance of digital business strategies and the boom in online shopping were to be valued by 7% on average. In these sectors of activity, two positions stand out in terms of salary progression. These are the e-commerce director, i.e. +13% revaluation for a profile with 6 to 12 years of experience and the digital director (+9%) who has worked for 10 to 15 years.

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Dynamic, the professions in digital marketing and e-commerce should be upgraded in 2023. (Source RobertWalters / Image credit Robert Walters)

A buoyant market despite the economic context

Companies seek to build business and technical teams where expertise (data science, digital marketing, UX/UI, e- and m-commerce) complement traditional functions (ERP, infrastructure, security), notes this study. Similarly, hybrid profiles combining technicality and a business approach, capable of ramping up and getting ahead of an IT & digital roadmap in perpetual evolution will also be the most popular. In addition, given the explosion of cyberattacks, cybersecurity positions are becoming a priority for companies. The launch of transformation projects towards the cloud, while integrating the data component, is also a major challenge for companies to take into account.

The IT market is completely spared by the yet worrying economic situation, underlines the recruitment firm. The demand has never been so strong. Candidates are in a position of strength in the market: they are now difficult to capture and remain reluctant to change. In this context, recruiters have understood that they should make efforts to attract the best profiles and seem to be adapting to this.

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Salaries 2023: +19% increase for data scientists Computerworld

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