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IBM has just announced that it has designed a new quantum processor with 433 qubits. baptized
Osprey, it has three times more qubits than the IBM Eagle processor unveiled in 2021. Enough to considerably increase the computing power of the system. IBM has been working for years to makequantum computing commercial success, competing with big companies like Google and Intel, specialists like D-Wave and Rigetti Computing, and start-ups like Atom Computing and Pasqal.

One of the most promising areas for quantum computing is materials science, where chemistry simulations could improve solar panels, batteries and other devices that operate at the molecular level. But the protagonists of this technology also hope to advance artificial intelligence, logistics, weather forecasting, pharmaceutical research and even finance. What to compensate for the slowdown of Moore’s law which limits conventional computing. However, it will still take years of development before quantum computers realize their promise.

IBM actually announced two new Osprey systems. The first is fully tested. ”
He works. He is alive. All qubits are good. This is another confirmation of the roadmap as we build bigger and bigger devices.
said Jay Gambetta, vice president of quantum computing work at IBM.

IBM plans to hit 1,000 qbit milestone next year

The second incorporates improvements made to Osprey’s predecessor, Eagle, which extend the life of the calculations. Today the
quantum computers are limited by “coherence” time, which governs how long qubits can maintain their state and connections to each other.

IBM’s quantum processor design improvements reduce electronic noise that can derail calculations, doubling coherence time to 200 millionths of a second. That’s long enough for hundreds of calculation steps.

IBM points out that among its new customers are the operator Vodafone, which is studying quantum-safe cryptography, and the French bank Crédit Mutuel, which is considering applications in the field of financial services.

IBM’s supercomputers, like Google’s and Rigetti’s, are called superconducting quantum computers. They operate at very low temperatures, barely a fraction of a degree above absolute zero. To get signals from quantum computers in and out through ever colder refrigeration areas, IBM now has more compact ribbon cable links. ” We fixed a scaling issue “, welcomes Jay Gambetta.

Other scale changes are on the horizon. In 2023, IBM plans to build a 1,121-qubit Condor. Next will be Flamingo (1,386 qubits) in 2024 and Kookaburra (4,158 qubits) in 2025.

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Image: IBM Research

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Quantum computing: IBM takes a power leap with its new 433-qubit processor – CNET France

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