PPE: IT within everyone’s reach

The establishment of the Public Computer Space (EPI) has opened up the practice of information and communication technologies to as many people as possible.

It was the Town Hall of Lannemezan that created the Espace Public Informatique at the Espace Paul Bert, Rue Thiers and you just have to push the door to feel immediately supervised by the person in charge, Jacques Negrato, Gilles Dubarry, Christophe Lauthier without forgetting Olivier Cheneaux and Maria Potenza who is in charge of reception. A friendly and welcoming team that immediately knows how to put those who have difficulties with computers at ease.

Indeed, many users are interested in computers but are confronted with difficulties in decoding and have difficulty using a computer and surfing the Internet. Others do not have computer equipment or an internet connection at home and hesitate before equipping themselves without having the assurance of knowing how to use it, PPE is made for them. On site, we also provide some small services: “We are a service of the town hall, it’s free, except for printing which is chargeable, if we except those requested by students, job seekers in particular which are free “.

Alongside France Service

Installed opposite the Maison France Service, it is hand in hand with this structure that the EPI is also evolving: “It’s open to everyone, we address ourselves, for example, to people who want to create an internet account, an address mail, it is open to all audiences and in priority to people who do not have a PC or who do not know how to use it. We are complementary with the Maison France service which has the digital advisor Olivier Cheneaux”.

The agents also take care of computer maintenance but only on the community computers and are happy to lend a hand to all those who skate in front of their computer: “If they don’t know how to do something, we show them, we do it, we help them to do what they need in terms of formalities. This also helps to relieve congestion at Maison France Service, in particular for the creation of email addresses. This gives them time to take care of other things. things like the procedures for the Caf or similar procedures, everything that is offered on site, it lightens their work. The EPI allows them to surf the Internet free of charge at will, to carry out office work and to discover hardware and software with help from facilitators. In the office, a row of computers is available to those who want it and the service personnel are quick to lend a hand that is often welcome. To take full advantage of the experience provided at the EPI, all you have to do is make an appointment, directly on site: “You just need to book a time slot in advance to be sure of having one workstations connected to high-speed internet. EPI is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and to make an appointment, just call 05 62 99 18 54.

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PPE: IT within everyone’s reach

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