Our advice for passing the NSI specialty at the Baccalaureate

The purpose of teaching the NSI specialty is to make you understand the language, concepts and methods of the foundations of computer science. You will explore both the scientific aspect and the practical aspect of the discipline. Cédric Gourjon and Laurent Mongiat, two NSI teachers at the Simone Veil high school in Valbonne (06) give you their advice on how to understand this specialty and succeed on D-Day!

Why choose the NSI spec?

Quite simply because it is estimated that 85% of the jobs of 2030 do not yet exist and that these jobs will mainly be digital, artificial intelligence, virtual reality or robotics. We have seen with the Covid the acceleration of the use of digital tools in companies. The NSI is one of these new specialties that were introduced with the latest Bac reform. Its objective is to provide students following the specialty with basic knowledge of thefoundations of computer science . Among the main topics covered are the learning of programming languages, the operation of computers and networks, algorithms and finally data management. A student who has followed the NSI specialty is able to understand how a computer works, communications on the Internet, but also to program applications. He acquired during these two years of First and Terminal

solid knowledge of the functioning of the computer world that surrounds it and will thus be better equipped to adapt to its various developments. They will also have learned how to organize themselves to work as a team on IT projects.

source: pole-emploi.fr What are the qualities required to study and succeed in the study of digital and computer science? Like other specialties, Digital and computer science specialty is demanding and asks the students who follow it a quantity of personal workimportant. The students are assessed in different ways: there is of course homework on the table, but also practical assessments on a machine, or even projects to be carried out alone or in a team. The different evaluation methods require a certain ability to adapt and above all a good organization of one’s personal work. And then, like all science subjects, NSI requires curiosity of the rigoras well as a good quality of listening and observation. It is not necessary to have computer knowledge other than those acquired in


(Digital Sciences and Technology) in Second to choose the NSI specialty. Often, students have this erroneous idea that it is the

What are the opportunities offered by the Bac NSI? PNG – 91.8 kb The pursuits of study are as numerous as they are varied. The choice of the Numerical and Computer Sciences specialty in first seems to be relevant for all good students who are destined for scientific preparatory classes like the MPSI and PCSI. Indeed, computer science is one of the subjects present in the lessons offered in these preparatory classes; students who have taken the NSI specialtyare therefore favored. For those who pursue the NSI specialty in terminale there is always the possibility of continuing their studies in MP2I preparatory class, which has just been created and which is decidedly more computer-oriented than the two others mentioned above. Equivalently, engineering schools with integrated preparation and specialized courses in computer science also recruit NSI students. Many AIM , BTS or computer-dominant licenses accept students who have followed the specialty. Students who also chose the Arts specialty as a second specialty have the possibility of moving towards schools of graphic design, animation and video games. The range of professions accessible after studying in these schools is very wide, from computer engineer at the 3D animator and in various rapidly expanding fields such as artificial intelligence,the

virtual reality

with this increased ease, depending on the evolution of jobs related to IT, of retraining during your career. Do not miss To find out more about the specialties of the General Baccalaureate most suited to your future training, about Parcoursup and about higher education in general, we give you an appointment on our
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organized throughout France.

A unique opportunity to discover the establishments and discuss with the educational managers to ask them all your questions! How to pass the written part of the test? Unlike other specialties, the written test is not necessarily the easiest for students to grasp. Indeed, a good part of the NSI courses take place on a machine and not on paper. NSI teachers are used to having their students work in “unplugged” computer to train them to play the role of the computer and to be able to write the sequences of programs requested without having the possibility of checking them on the machine. You have to pay attention to the syntax errors : a programming language, like any other language, requires precise knowledge of its own syntax and vocabulary. Similarly, to understand the operation of computer systems, it is important to be familiar with the definitions of the elements that compose them and to have understood the role and operation of each of these elements. For example, the functioning of the Internet requires knowing the different steps and protocols involved when sending a request. With a good knowledge of all concepts seen in Premiere and in Terminale, the understanding of the statements of the written test will be facilitated. Finally, it is not because it is an NSI test that you should not write your answers: justifications expressed in a clear and precise French will obviously be valued by the proofreader. Finally, the student has the

baccalaureate subjects

previous years that will allow him to train. Obviously, a simple cramming is not in itself an effective preparation but it simply allows the student to become familiar with the expectations of the test.

What are your tips for passing the practical test? PNG – 78.7 kb The practical test consists of two exercises to be done on a machine in a limited time. You have to know take his time to develop the programs requested and do not hesitate to write them in draft form at first rather than launching directly into coding on the machine. Writing the program on sheet will make it possible to better conceptualize its operation and to be better able to understand the possible errors which will be returned during the execution of the program once typed on the machine. Thus, writing the structure of the program on paper may seem like a waste of time for the students, but will actually allow them to save time later, because one of the difficulties of this test is to do not panic when the program does not work and that there is not much time left to correct it. As for the written test, it is necessary to

have a good command of the syntax of the python language

in order to avoid mistakes that will waste precious time. On a one-hour test, the student cannot afford to be hesitant on this point. Finally, to practice, students have access to the list of exercises that will be proposed during the practical test by the juries that will evaluate them: they therefore have the possibility of testing them in a limited time to, again, identify the expected from the test. What do you recommend to prepare for the test throughout the year? To prepare for the Bac under the best conditions, it is essential to provide a regular workwhich will allow you to assimilate the concepts as you go along. Like other specialties such as math , the concepts seen in Terminale are based on the concepts seen in Première and constitute the bases of a building which will be all the more solid as the knowledge will have been understood and well assimilated. For example, it is difficult to understand how a recursive program works in Terminale if you have not understood how to program a function in Python in Première. Here again, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the

mastery of vocabulary

and definitions both in learning programming languages ​​and understanding how computer concepts work. Working on projects that are proposed by the teacher several times a year are a good way to understand the concepts in a context different from that of a classic exercise. Even if the methods of working on a project alone or with others have little similarity with the written and practical tests, they allow the student to better assimilate the knowledge that comes into play on a more ambitious exercise to be solved and especially over a longer period of time. Obviously, the work of the NSI teacher allows students, through the various exercises he offers them, to prepare for the test throughout the year by regularly returning to the concepts already seen since he is very frequent that they are reused in new chapters in particular for the programming in python.

A word on the Grand Oral? PNG – 97.7 kb The Grand Oral is a very interesting test for NSI students because it allows them to put into perspective all the knowledge they have assimilated during their high school education. Indeed, the specificity of the test encourages students to prepare an answer to the question they have chosen which can be at least partially accessible to a non-specialist jury. This is an opportunity for students who have chosen the Numerical and Computer Sciences specialty to talk about problems that deal with hot topicsrelated for example to artificial intelligence with a question that would ask “how to create an intelligent machine? »securing or storing data with “How to secure a payment by credit card? » human-computer interactions with “The autonomous car, what are the challenges? »or even a societal problem with “Will IT revolutionize art? » . We can thus see that there is no shortage of questions, especially those related to the place and evolution of IT in our society. The preparation for the Grand Oral comes as a culmination at the end of Terminale; the questions chosen by the pupils make it possible to

make sense of NSI teachings

they have followed and the preparation of the Grand oral puts these lessons in a more concrete and more applied framework. What profession(s) are you made for? Take the test to find out!

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Our advice for passing the NSI specialty at the Baccalaureate

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