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One in ten IT managers has become an “Agent of Transformation” within their company, but more of them will need to commit to lead the next wave of innovation.

In 2018, Cisco AppDynamics presented the results of a study that heralded the emergence of a small group of elite IT leaders, the “Agents of Transformation.” Professionals who have the skills, vision and ambition to drive a positive and sustainable digital transformation within their company. Back then, only 9% of IT leaders could be called “Agents of Transformation.” Four years later, they are now 10%, according to the new edition of the report “Agents of Transformation 2022.”

At first glance, the progression seems timid. It is partly explained by the context of the past four years and, in particular, by the pandemic. The latter has radically changed the constraints and requirements faced by IT managers. Always more innovation and an immediate response to the growing expectations of users for an impeccable digital experience. The study reveals that 66% believe that it is more difficult to be a transformation agent today than in 2018.

Transformation Agents have had no choice but to reinvent themselves, to evolve faster to adapt to new user and business needs. The study shows that these elite IT leaders have had to focus more on results, using real-time insights to optimize the digital experience and connect technology performance and business impact. They needed to improve their critical thinking, collaborate with more stakeholders, and proactively invest in their own learning and skills to prepare for new technology and business demands.

The impact and contribution of IT leaders over the past four years is undeniable. In many cases, their skills and dedication have been essential for companies to weather the pandemic. However, it is widely accepted that they need to invest more in the years to come. 88% believe the pandemic has accelerated the need for more Transformation Agents to meet their company’s innovation goals and meet changing user needs.

However, the study reveals an encouraging figure: a growing number of IT managers are on the verge of reaching the level of Transformation Agents. 38% of them are now “Digital Pioneers.” They have the skills and qualities required to reach the elite of their profession. An increase of more than 50% since 2018 which also suggests that the number of Process Agents could grow considerably very soon. The ball is therefore in the court of IT managers to take the last step. It is for them to develop and expand their field of skills and strengthen their influence within the company, and among other things by implementing the tools that will allow them to optimize the technological performance of their company. .

Of course, the path to the top of the IT profession isn’t easy, but the study reveals a number of areas that can accelerate the journey of IT leaders. This starts with investing in their own training – developing skills and competencies in cloud-native technologies emerges as a key priority; and also to facilitate collaboration within the company and to become a champion of innovation.

Second, the business can help IT leaders perform at their best by building an internal culture that values ​​talent and putting technology at the heart of its overall vision.

More importantly, IT managers need the right tools to generate the data and insights they need to make decisions based on business impact. 93% say they need to be able to monitor and observe their entire technology stack and link performance to business impact if they want to become Transformation Agents. Across all domains, full-stack observability is seen as the key to ensuring sustainable business transformation.

Today, the prevailing sentiment within IT departments is that it is time to come back to the fore, leave behind the struggles to close the loopholes of the past two years and take a proactive and strategic approach. of innovation. Businesses know they need to innovate quickly and redesign their applications to meet changing demands. An evolution that will offer IT managers a perfect platform to accelerate their career and reach the top of their profession.

After the hard work and pressure of the past two years, IT leaders are looking to the future with optimism. 97% of them say they are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​becoming Transformation Agents. And that’s good news for all of us.

To learn more, discover the results of the study.

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One in ten IT managers have become “Transformation Agents” – Silicon

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