New Research Uncovers Edge Computing Challenges and Highlights Strategies to Future-Proof Edge Capabilities

  • Responses from over 1,000 IT professionals and decision makers uncover deployment drivers, challenges and solutions for edge computing to maintain resiliency, connectivity and support digitally-enabled, connected operations that are secure, reliable, resilient and durable.

  • Edge computing is a critical enabler of a transition to digitally-centric connected operations.

  • Designing, planning, building and maintaining the technology capabilities needed to support the transition to connected operations can be complicated, including due to lack of access to skilled people for implementation and maintenance, or concerns about managing scalable infrastructure at the edge.

  • Resilient, secure and sustainable resources, remote software, digital service solutions and trusted partners play a crucial role in meeting challenges and succeeding at the edge.

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, May 10, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–Schneider-Electricthe leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today unveils the findings of a new white paper from IDC titled Succeeding at Digital First Connected Operations which highlights the power ofedge computing to contribute to the transition to a digital-centric world. The white paper includes responses from over 1,000 IT and operations professionals across industry, healthcare, education and other verticals, as well as a series of in-depth interviews with industrial companies. Respondents come from all corners of the globe and represent companies based in the United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, India and Ireland. These companies employ from 100 to more than 1,000 employees. Their responses provided valuable insights into the factors driving investment in edge computing, the challenges enterprises face during edge deployment, barriers to continued investment, and strategic recommendations to future-proof capabilities at the periphery.

“As organizations seek to create improved experiences for customers, make their operations more efficient, optimize safety and security, and become more sustainable, they are turning to digital technologies. The white paper explores the critical role that edge computing and edge deployments play in enabling connected and digital-first operations,” said Chris Hanley, senior vice president, business operations and global channels, responsible for the peripheral commercial strategy, Schneider Electric. “It highlights strategies that IT professionals and decision-makers can adopt to future-proof their edge computing capabilities to support remote, connected, secure, reliable, resilient, and sustainable operations. »

Edge computing is one of the key enablers of a digital-first paradigm. Among the most common use cases for edge computing are cybersecurity systems to locally oversee the operational network and store and process operational data for placement in the cloud. Additionally, when organizations listed why they are investing in edge computing to support these workloads, 50 percent of respondents said “to improve cybersecurity” and 44 percent “for system resiliency and reliability.” “. However, there are several hurdles that organizations must overcome to ensure that their edge infrastructures, and therefore their connected operations, are resilient and reliable. Despite the promise of the edge, many organizations are reporting concerns about connectivity and power outages. Thirty-two percent of respondents experienced “lack or slow connectivity” with their edge deployments. In addition, 31 percent experienced “a power outage or power surge lasting more than 60 seconds.”

Challenges to overcome during the transition to digitally-enabled connected operations

  1. Security. There are significant physical and cybersecurity concerns around connecting operations. These challenges will require systems and processes tailored to this new paradigm. However, once connected to the cloud, operational data can be used to drive a whole host of new and enhanced use cases. Such data can strengthen enterprise collaboration and enable remote operational capabilities leading to improved workforce efficiency, while ensuring businesses have resilient, remote operational capabilities.

  2. Skills. Teams must have the right skills to work effectively in all technology contexts and to build alignment internally to drive change. This will require companies to interact with new ecosystem partners, both inside and outside their organization.

  3. Reliability. As more local operational capabilities are directly supported remotely through the connected edge, reliability is a major concern.

“Resilient resources at the edge are the foundation for the transition to digitally-enabled connected operations,” said Jennifer Cooke, research director, edge strategies, IDC. “Organizations will become more vulnerable if they cannot rely on their technologies. To future-proof edge deployments, decision-makers need to develop a strategy that addresses various concerns, such as cybersecurity and connectivity, and ensures access to the skills required to maintain resilient edge infrastructures. »

Organizations can future-proof their capabilities at the edge to support their transition to connected, digital-first operations with

  • Resilient, secure and sustainable energy and connectivity resources: By integrating resilient energy and connectivity resources early in edge planning, enterprises can reduce the risk of outages.

  • Remote monitoring and management of edge resources at scale: the ongoing management of scalable infrastructure at the edge poses a challenge for all organizations. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to have the right skills in the right place. Make sure your edge resources are equipped to support continuous remote monitoring and autonomous operations.

  • Trusted partners who can provide the necessary skills for the above edge resources: engage trusted partners to provide industry best practices and services in situations and locations where it is not economically or physically feasible to do so yourself. Trust service partners can often predict problems. Look for partners who are also committed to sustainability as 82 percent of respondents mentioned commitment to sustainability as a criteria for selecting edge solution providers.

As a trusted partner and complete solution provider, Schneider Electric works closely with its customers to design their strategies to ensure the certainty, resilience, security and sustainability throughout the design, deployment and management process at the edge via:

  • Resilient, secure, connected and sustainable physical infrastructure solutions for any environment at the edge – providing certainty in a connected world;

  • The cloud-based monitoring and management platform EcoStruxure IT that provides remote visibility, including security, data-powered insights and recommendations, reporting capabilities, and digital service capabilities; and

  • A integrated ecosystem comprised of alliances with IT Technology, a global network of experienced partners and service engineers, and rules-based design tools.

Click here to download the full IDC white paper, commissioned by Schneider Electric, Succeeding at Connected Operations with Edge Computing (doc #US48982222, April 2022).

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New Research Uncovers Edge Computing Challenges and Highlights Strategies to Future-Proof Edge Capabilities

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