Nantes vineyard. IT for all: it’s time to get back to it

Dominique Jaulet, president (in the foreground), accompanied by trainers Guy Gaboriau and Jean-Luc Martineau, and Gérard Douillard, who should join the team for this new season. Two other trainers are missing in the photo: Jacky Vilaine and Luc Boucard. ©HSM

L’computer science takes more and more place in our lives. The computer is used to communicate, store our photos, inform us, pay our taxes…

To help those who want to get started but don’t know anything about it, and to support those who have mastered it but want to go further, theassociation “Computers for All”based at Vieillevigne (near Nantes) offers 15 lessons of 2 hours during the year, in the evening between October and June, at the rate of two per month. All for 75 €. A price that allows you to buy equipment when necessary, but also and above all to pay for the Internet subscription.


For this, you need at least twenty members. “This is what we had last season, for our recovery after the Covid”, notes Dominique Jaulet, the president.

The pandemic has hurt us very badly, that’s undeniable. We had no activity for two years and recovery is difficult. Some are still afraid of the virus, others have formed on their own…

But the members of the office and the others volunteer trainers want to believe that the association is still valid. Especially today where computers are everywhere. Registrations for the next year can therefore be taken during an information meeting which will take place Friday, September 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Salle Lamoricière, Vieillevigne.

two levels

The courses are given in a room on the 2e floor of Paul Claudel center. They take place in groups of 8 participants maximum, so that everyone has a computer and can practice, at the same time as the trainer distills his explanations and advice. They are 5 in the association, all volunteers. And at each session, one or more caregivers are also present to respond to each other’s requests, adapting to the everyone’s pace. “There are two levels,” explains the president.

The first is for people who don’t know anything about it. We always start by explaining to them what a computer is, because you have to know what you’re talking about before you learn to use it.

Over the course of the sessions, the group begins to word processorunderstand how create folders to classify his photos, how well use internet also while guarding against possible virus attacks…

The goal is not to do the online steps that participants might need, but to learn how it works. “We are not there to replace state structures such as the Homes France Service for example”, assures the president. “We are complementary”.

Videos: currently on Actu

Place of learning and social connection

The 2e level him, is aimed at practitioners who wish to push their knowledge of the machine and the software it allows to use.

We go faster and further on the functionalities of mailboxes, photo retouching, video editing, slideshows…

This 2e level is “repeatable as much as desired”. This is also what the current trainers do, before they manage to share their knowledge. We are there in the transmission, and that is what makes the strength of the association. That and the good atmosphere that reigns there. “The atmosphere is friendly. It’s a place of life and social ties,” say all the trainers in unison.

Registration during the information meeting on Friday, September 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lamoricière room in Vieillevigne. Or contact Serge Reyneau, the secretary of the association, on 06 62 41 63 19 or by email: [email protected] €75 per year for 15 sessions of 2 hours. Open to everyone.

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Nantes vineyard. IT for all: it’s time to get back to it

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