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Telework, digitization of the economy, cyber-espionage and cyber-war… In just a few months, all French companies, from very small businesses to multinationals, have entered the era of IT security. After having opened all the doors of their servers to allow their employees to work remotely, the time has come to quickly secure sensitive data.

This movement, the Laon company Mycelium Aisne Computerspecializing in IT services and consulting, accompanies him. “Our clientele is 90% professionals and 10% individuals”, explains Sébastien Lallemand, manager of the company. This offers hard hardware, ranging from a simple screen to a server, including connected peripherals, and even home automation elements. But it also offers their safety. “We make sure that the client has everything in hand to be able to work in the best conditions, and with all the safety that goes with it”, summarizes Sébastien Lallemand.

Raising awareness of risk and planning for the worst

It starts with the most basic: an antivirus, an operating system and software which are not obsolete and which are regularly updated… A BA-BA which is not respected as often as one might to think. “When I see the number of companies that still run on Windows XP for example…”alarmed the computer scientist.

Then, the redundancy of the tool has obviously become a mandatory step. “Zero risk does not exist in IT. You have to be prepared for a breakdown, a virus or a crash. Business recovery plans are put in place. This involves backing up system images, data, etc., so that we can upload the data as quickly as possible so that production is not impacted. »

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Sébastien Lallemand reminds us: in IT, zero risk does not exist. (c) Adobe Stock

Not always easy. Computer security sometimes comes up against usage, and in particular the need for openness to the outside world (via social networks for example), or even quite simply the cash flow of companies. Beyond advice, the IT service provider must therefore also listen and teach…

Mycélium Aisne Computer has also trained one of its technicians in hacking. To constantly test its defense tools first. But also to show a customer why a password must be changed very regularly. “With a robot, a password can be broken in minutes…”recalls the entrepreneur.

“An IT service provider is like a family doctor”

It also insists a lot on the necessary relationship of trust that Mycélium must build with its customers. Sebastien Lallemand: “When a customer entrusts us with a machine to repair it, you can imagine that we have access to everything! The IT service provider is a bit like the family doctor to whom we entrust very confidential information. » Seriousness and quality of service are therefore essential for Mycélium. Especially since the company relies heavily on word of mouth to develop.

A member of the BNI business network, the manager has thus seen Mycélium’s scope of action expand. Initially centered on Laon, the company now works as far as Compiégnois, the Reims basin or the Ardennes. And it is now also turning to public markets. “A small TPE is now better secured, equipped and advised than a college or a school, assures Sébastien Lallemand. Perhaps we have other customers to look for on this ground? »

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Mycélium Aisne Computer helps companies secure their IT tools | Picardy the Gazette

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