Meaulne-Vitray – Dedicated to children and IT

After nearly three years of work carried out by local artisans, many of them from Meaulne-Vitray, and with the support of municipal employees, the Espace Jacqueline Pelletier-Doisy-Delachaux was officially inaugurated on Friday.

The ceremony took place in the presence of Guil-laume Delachaux, patron and poet, Pierre-Marie Delanoy, mayor of Meaulne-Vitray, Louis de Caumont, former mayor of Vitray, Bernard Damoiseau, deputy mayor of Vitray.

“In memory of his mother”

“We all had, Guillaume, the municipality, its agents, and the craftsmen, at heart to create a space in accordance with Guillaume’s wishes for the memory of his mother and which would be a success for all, insisted Pierre-Marie Delanoy. A beautiful daycare center and the most efficient computer room in the canton in the heart of Meaulne-Vitray. »

Then, they welcomed the first occupants. Estelle Marsy, school animator who receives, four days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. twelve primary school children in daycare. And André Varennes, president of the Meaulne-Informatique association, who has just finished fitting out a room equipped with ten computers, a separate office to help residents with the formalities to be completed online and a room painted green.

Michel Biegnon explained “that this room will allow filming and video-computer editing. We film the actors and the computer removes the background color and replaces it with any desired image or animation”.

After the inauguration, Guillaume Delachaux invited everyone in attendance to a pleasant aperitif on the terrace of the Cheval Blanc, the inn that Flavien Vayer and Julien Crespo have just taken over.


Since February 2018 when he made a large donation to his town of Meaulne-Vitray that he and his mother, the writer, Jacqueline Pelletier-Doisy-Delachaux, loved and brilliantly evoked so much, Guillaume Delachaux has discussed a lot with the mayors of Meaulne and Vitray, as well as with the heads of local associations.

Everyone got together to define what project could honor the memory of the author of L’Étang de la Breure and the Summers of Persanges and be useful to everyone. Guillaume Delachaux wishing “a space, socio-cultural center, which favors children but which is also open to the future”.

The town had the old cure, a beautiful building in very poor condition after years of poor rentals. Also, by dint of constructive discussions, the project of socio-cultural center was oriented towards a double axis. Namely, creating a nursery on the ground floor and a space open to associations and especially to computer and video innovations on the first floor.

The teams from the communes of Meaulne and Vitray, soon to be merged, then worked a lot on administrative issues. The building adjoining the church was to receive the approval of historical monuments. Access had to be possible for everyone and the construction of an elevator proved to be a challenge that was met thanks to the decision to create an extension which, moreover, makes the building even more beautiful.

The financing provided by Guillaume Delachaux, i.e. €220,000, made it possible to carry out, in addition to the renovation of the whole, four developments. Namely, the daycare floor, the computer rooms floor, the “elevator” extension and, finally, the development of the garden to allow easy and pleasant access for all.

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Meaulne-Vitray – Dedicated to children and IT

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