Lauragais: they are opening courses to make IT accessible to everyone in Saint-Julia

Jean-Marc Le Dantec and Jérôme Denonain will host the Saint-Julia Computer Café every first Saturday of the month.
Jean-Marc Le Dantec and Jérôme Denonain will host the Saint-Julia Computer Café every first Saturday of the month. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of the Midi Lauragais)

Playtime will (re)take on the air of a classroom. From Saturday February 4, 2023 – then every first Saturday of the month -, the community cafe of St. Julia will welcome courses and workshops, combining theory and practice, around IT.

One “Computer Cafe” intended, in priority, “for people who don’t know much about it” on the subject. “But we will also welcome, in general, all people of good will, whatever the level and age, whether or not they have computer equipment or knowledge”, specify Jean-Marc Le Dantec and Jerome Denonain.

Dramatize IT

They are the ones behind this new initiative. Two former IT professionals, but above all two volunteers who are committed to passing on their knowledge for a common goal: “de-dramatize” and “facilitate access to IT”.

The goal is to allow people to become familiar with the tools, to ensure that they are no longer afraid of computers and that they use them wisely. But beware, we will not be there to troubleshoot or help those who have trouble with administrative procedures on the internet!

Jean-Marc Le DantecSpeaker in the Computer Café

Because what the pair want is above all give keys to understanding to their audience so that eventually everyone can become independent. “We will review the basics: how to start a computer? Where to click? Knowing how to adopt the right gestures and what are the good practices… Often, people are afraid to start because they fear doing something wrong and breaking everything,” notes Jérôme Denonain.

“We have to be able to give them the computer approach. On a computer too, we have a desk, files… What is on the screen is neither more nor less than what we already do on a daily basis, reassure Jean-Marc Le Dantec. But it’s true that as soon as the word computer is spoken, people freeze. »

Courses prepared and “on demand”

Leaving aside preconceptions, taking the leap, this is what the participants will have to be ready to do during these monthly two-hour sessionsbroken down as follows: a first hour devoted to providing information and knowledgethe second to of the exchange with the participants. On the program: introduction to word processing, messaging, Internet browsing, the use of a smartphone or even cybersecurity…

“We will also at the request of participants. If they have questions and we can answer them right away, so much the better, otherwise we’ll prepare something complete that we’ll see the next time,” point out the initiators of the Computer Café.

Videos: currently on Actu

From theory to practice

Course materials and worksheets will be distributed so that everyone can find their way around and apply the advice provided. Because to the theory, will be added the practice.

There will be a theoretical introduction in each course, at least initially. We will then move on to practice. But we still need to see the profile of the participants, whether they have equipment or not, what they are working on… We will have to adapt to the sensitivities and susceptibilities of each one.

Jean-Marc Le Dantec

Depending on this, the speakers will suggest that their students evolve on their own equipment – ​​which they will have to bring during the sessions – or on that of the association. Patigraphia, which carries the Computer Café project. “We will see how this first session goes. Above all, for us, it will be a preliminary step that will allow us to define needs and expectations,” they confide.

Courses open to all

While some details still need to be fine-tuned, Jean-Marc Le Dantec and Jérôme Denonain say they are ready to launch their Computer Café. An initiative that started from a simple discussion that they hope to see grow quickly and open to residents of the whole territory.

“There are a lot of requests and needs in the sector, notes the one who is also the president of Patigraphia. But people don’t dare to ask. Again we are open to everyone. And if people who know about computers want to come to us voluntarily help run classes, they are welcome! »

Practical information

Computer cafe.
Every first Saturday of the month, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at La Récréation – 31540 Saint-Julia.
Registration required by email to [email protected]

Prices: free for Saint-Julian residents and members of a Saint-Julian association; €10 membership for outsiders.

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Lauragais: they are opening courses to make IT accessible to everyone in Saint-Julia

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