IT freelance: a profession of the future, stimulated by digital platforms

What are the most sought-after IT freelance profiles?

Of all the IT freelance jobs, web IT developers are the most in demand. Solid knowledge of programming and development is necessary, in languages ​​such as WordPress, PHP, Python… Then come software developers and mobile applications, UX – UI developers and profiles related to information technologies (networks social, for example).

It is not easy to clearly define the profiles of IT freelancers. These are, for example, former employees, people undergoing professional retraining, young graduates, etc. who wish to work completely independently. Thanks to the rise of digitization and digitization, their professional future is bright and companies particularly value their skills.


How to become an IT freelancer?

To easily and quickly find jobs in IT, one of the best solutions is to register on a freelance platform. When creating the profile, all you have to do is mention information such as professional background, university course, areas of expertise… Of course, you will also have to provide all the necessary supporting documents related to this profession.

After consulting the profiles of the freelancers and discovering their skills, customers are able to find out if they correspond to their needs.

Whether you are a system engineer, a Python developer, a Java programmer or a network administrator, digital freelance platforms will allow you to earn a living by selling your skills. If you have always wanted to practice as a freelancer, know that this market offers various possibilities.

Digitization and digitization of the world are moving at high speed

In less than 30 years, the world has been marked by 2 major events: digitization and digitization. With the democratization of mobile devices, the development of the Internet and the emergence of new technological hardware and software, business needs have evolved. Whether for improving online visibility, multiplying sales or increasing productivity, IT has become an essential tool.
To cope with their digital and digital transformations, several companies are now relying on the skills and know-how of freelancers in IT. This allows them not only to carry out different types of projects, but also to take advantage of flexible rates.
Maintenance agents, network technicians, security specialists, developers… are involved in almost all activities these days. IT freelancers thus benefit from interesting career prospects.

Freelancing is developing at high speed, thanks to the popularization of the Internet. This is also explained by the fact that the remuneration of a freelancer is 30% lower than that of a traditional employee. Some skills are more sought after than others (computer science in particular), several digital platforms have specialized in them.

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IT freelance: a profession of the future, stimulated by digital platforms

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