IT equipment, the concern of hybrid managers

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With a team located almost everywhere in France and overseas, Stéphane Moriaud must deal with the different rhythms and aspirations of his collaborators, “Before embarking on this hybrid configuration, the first question we asked ourselves with my partner is to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers in order to know if our activity lends itself to remote work. Then we naturally asked ourselves the question of whether this could become an obstacle to the recruitment of new employees. It turned out that this was not the case at all, on the contrary! “, he assures.

If 38% of hybrid employees believe that autonomy and flexibility are advantages in this new configuration of work, how can you manage this small world without losing your Latin when managing? “The main challenge is knowing how to build the bond of trust between everyone and what type of management best promotes communication and everyone’s need for autonomy”. Permanent exchanges, listening, empathy, formulation of criticisms, importance of remaining factual… “The key in the end is knowing how to let go”, specifies our leader.

Learn to detect suffering from a distance

The detection of possible suffering is also part of Stéphane Moriaud’s concerns. “It’s the most complex task when managing at a distance from each other. We no longer have the traditional informal coffee break that previously made it possible to detect suffering or a person less invested due to personal problems. Once again, it is essential to stay in very regular contact ! “, he assures.

What about the mental load?

Since the Covid crisis, 55%* of managers have decided to equip their teams with new work tools to work more efficiently remotely. Does it generate an additional mental load? “I accept the fact of not looking at my emails and my notifications for a few hours in order to concentrate on a precise task”, underlines Stéphane Moriaud before adding, “One thing is certain, we do not compromise on the quality of IT equipment: it must be fully adapted to the needs of our teams: reliability, efficiency, autonomy”.

Benefits in terms of recruitment

“Since we offer a work environment that makes sense for the professional and personal aspirations of each of our employees, we naturally retain our employees and this is also a strong recruitment lever. Our teams are happy, invested, empowered, this logically attracts talent”, enthuses the manager. And the figures attest to this, 39%* of employees believe that their professional and personal life is more balanced since teleworking, and 41%* of them feel that their family ties have become closer!

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*Harris Interactive survey for HP carried out via the Internet, from January 7 to 13, 2022, with a sample of 2,066 people representative of French people over the age of 18

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IT equipment, the concern of hybrid managers

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