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A pioneer in computer training, ENI École Informatique has become the reference for work-study programs in computer science from Bac+2 to Bac+5. On its counter, 5 campuses: Nantes, Rennes, Quimper, Niort and online and more than 1000 work-study students per year.

1) ENI École Informatique has more than 40 years of experience, what can you tell us about your training?

Baptist Loirat:

ENI School was created in 1981 and has expertise in its sector of activity, which is IT. We train in IT development, data, systems and network support and cybersecurity. Our courses, which range from bac+2 to bac+5, are recognized by the State (RNCP title – from levels 5 to 7) and our campuses are located in Rennes, Nantes, Niort, Quimper but also online.

ENI École Informatique is defined by three key words: quality, diploma and employment. The three are strongly linked in the way of envisaging the courses. The teaching team comes from the business world, so they know the needs of market players and adapt their courses to meet them. The courses are based on practice and are broken down into modules: each of them starts from a theoretical base which will then be validated via a tutorial and a project to be carried out, to ensure its proper understanding and application in workplace.

We have developed different teaching methods to adapt to the needs of candidates and companies:

– Face-to-face: The learner goes to one of the ENI School campuses to follow his training.

– Remote face-to-face: The learner follows live lessons without geographical constraints given at the same time in face-to-face on one of our campuses.

– The online campus: The learner follows the courses available on the online campus when he/she wishes, where he/she wishes and at the pace he/she wishes.

It is possible to alternate between these 3 teaching formats. We want to make every effort to adapt to the needs of learners and the expectations of companies. For example, if a student finds his/her company in Lyon, he/she can very well choose the following two options: online campus or remote face-to-face to follow our courses.

2) In your opinion, what are the benefits of offering work-study programs in IT professions?

Estelle ADAM:

Above all, alternation is part of our DNA since we have always offered this format. We are convinced that the key to success is being able to combine theory, practice and professional experience. We have more than 1000 work-study students per year on our campuses. Companies seek to recruit new young and increasingly experienced employees. By choosing work-study, we emphasize the professionalizing aspect to allow our future graduates to integrate the job market. secure employment. Jobs in the IT sector are under high pressure and for more than 40 years we have developed a relationship of trust with our partner companies such as Capegmini, Orange, Accenture, Claranet, Open… By being a work-study student, the learner. will be an employee of a company (either via a professionalization contract or via an apprenticeship contract). In these cases, it is the OPCO (Skills Operator) and/or its company that will cover 100% of the amount of the training. The person will also receive a salary through his company.

3) How does the ENI ÉCOLE make it possible to simplify work-study?

Estelle ADAM:

ENI École Informatique has an extensive network of partner companies in the digital and IT sector. Support holds an important place in the values ​​of the school. A department made up of 28 people specialized in IT recruitment is 100% dedicated to student follow-up.

Throughout their training, the department will manage the implementation
relationship with a company that corresponds to them, monitoring their integration into school and professional life. This explains the high rate of integration into the labor market, which is 90% after the end of training.

Baptist LOIRAT:

Yes, that’s why ENI École Informatique has the particularity of offering its students the opportunity to start their work-study program at any time of the year. Another sign of the school’s agility: the construction of the tailor-made work-study calendar. It will be done according to the requests of the company because each company has different needs.

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