In Lille, Junia XP opens a first bachelor’s degree in computer science in October

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One year of work-study training and you’re ready to enter the world of work to help companies in their digital transition. This is what Junia XP offers, the professional course of the great engineering school in the Vauban district. And applications are already open.

October 2020. Junia XP (for Experiences), a new branch of the Junia engineering school, is born. Its objective: to train pros and future pros who will support companies in the transformations of their organization. And that, by offering professional training that is gradually emerging, in so-called “in tension” professions.

October 2022. The first promo of their fresh bachelor’s degree in computer science will be back to school. Between 15 and 20 students will be trained for a year on a work-study basisanalysis of customer needs (roughly, project management), design and production of multi-format apps, maintenance and computer security and administration of information systems.

These are all the missions that will allow the company to be on its digital environment“, summarizes Laurent Espine, the director of Junia XP. We are a school of transitions, including digital ones. Companies need professionals with a global skills base to be operational as system administrators and application designer-developers“. And the starting salary is specific: between 28,000 and 32,000 euros gross per year.

Personalized support

The only prerequisite to access this training is to have a BAC+2 in computer science. Admission is by file (to be completed directly on the site), on a motivational interview and after a few technical tests (just to see if you are not completely on the computer reasoning question). And you can apply now.

That way, once this step is over, you will be able to start looking for your company as part of the work-study program. But rest assured, you are not on your own. “We support students in their project, with our career center, which allows networking with our partner companies (there are about fifteen positions), help to create a CV, a cover letter and to prepare the ‘maintenance“, continues Laurent Espine.

When the contract is signed with the company, we leave on a rhythm of two weeks at work and two weeks in training in the premises of Euratech. And 100% in business during the holidays. And no need to make holes in your PEL to study: training is free for yousince it is the company that pays the bill.

And more courses to come

And you guessed it, Junia XP does not intend to stop at this bachelor. Seven other training courses will see the light of day for the start of the 2023 school yearin order to train other rare profiles: in the fields of greening and urban landscaping, recovery of construction waste, energy renovation of buildings, electronics, data analysis and data engineering, and of “factory 4.0” to produce at the right time with the minimum of resources. Yes, the training catalog is growing very quickly.

To join the training and for more information, direction Junia XP website. You can apply until the start of the academic year in October, but we strongly advise you to start now. Especially since places are rare (15 to 20 places).

Sponsored post @Junia XP

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In Lille, Junia XP opens a first bachelor’s degree in computer science in October

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