How to optimize the management of its computer equipment?

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As you can see in the video, the IT managers we interviewed all mentioned the need to anticipate failures. However, they also have a vision that goes beyond the position, adding an in-depth knowledge of the state of their IT assets. Indeed, if predictive maintenance is already a revolutionary function in the daily life of a DSI (management information systems), services such as HP Proactive Insights also provide tools to collect, analyze and display a complete view of your fleet on your fixed and mobile workstations. This makes it possible, for example, to identify recurring problems, to better plan update campaigns (BIOS, operating system, applications, guarantees) and above all to improve IT department/user communication.

A better known park, to make the right decisions

HP Proactive Insights is a solution for predictive maintenance and comprehensive monitoring of your IT equipment, in all its variety. Indeed, whether your employees work with computers running Windows 10/11, Chrome OS or macOS, HP Proactive Insights supports all these operating systems as well as devices (tablets or smartphones) running iOS and Android. This allows, among other things, to simplify the compliance of your fleet even if it is heterogeneous.

HP technology TechPulse collects thousands of information by computer and sends them automatically to the DSI. These are then displayed via a fully customizable dashboard. Indeed, you can very precisely select the information you want to highlight, customize fields or modify the way they will be displayed, right up to the choice of delivery formats (CSV, PDF, etc.).

All of this information is valuable decision-making aid for fleet management. This very large amount of data on your fleet makes it possible, for example, to identify recurring problems on a type of machine or malfunctions specific to one of your company’s services. You can therefore act in a targeted manner and, for example, better target and prepare your waves of system updates or business software. Indeed, it should not be forgotten that TechPulse monitors the hardware, systems and software aspects of each computer as well.

HP Proactive Insights is also a valuable communication tool for collecting user feedback after an intervention or an update deployment. Thus, a pop-up questionnaire appears at the request of the DSI and the user can give his opinion and by his involvement help to make the DSI progress. In addition, it allows employees to be stakeholders in the efficiency of their computer system, to help improve its performance and therefore that of the company.

The benefits of well-controlled management

HP Proactive Insights is the ideal service for any CIO who wants to improve their efficiency. Indeed, via the many reporting tools, information, even the most dense, is displayed quickly with clarity and precision. The result is a better informed CIO and therefore better equipped to make the most relevant decisions. It will also benefit from many tools to act in the most efficient way possible. The result is a computer park that is always operational, which is already a lot. Thus, HP Proactive Insights takes into account the human dimension of the company by collecting feedback from users through targeted communication. This reassures your employees, strengthens everyone’s involvement and contributes to offering a better work experience to users.

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How to optimize the management of its computer equipment?

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