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How to find IT freelancers?

Once they have clearly defined the projects and estimated the budgets, companies start looking for IT freelancers. Obviously, their main objective is to find efficient, available independent IT consultants who correspond to their missions.

Even if solutions such as word of mouth, the network and search engines are of great help, they are unfortunately restrictive. Ideally, it is preferable to go through the specialized platform Freelance-Informatique. To view a selection of profiles, simply click here:

Freelance-Informatique: the platform par excellence for finding an independent IT consultant

Freelance-Informatique brings together more than 110,000 qualified independent consultants in different areas of expertise (engineering, data & digital, business and method, infrastructure, etc.). It puts them in contact with companies, and thus facilitates exchanges and meetings.

Much more than a simple platform, Freelance-Informatique is a talent pool and a network of exclusive partners.

Freelancers register for free on the platform and benefit from its features and visibility (enough to guarantee the sustainability of their activities). For their part, customers submit their assignments there and have access to the profiles of people specializing in IT. They can also take advantage of certain services, including assistance with research and qualification, centralized management, assistance in the event of disputes, etc.

Evaluation and choice of the best freelancer

To be sure to find the freelancer who meets your needs, always have 2 elements in mind: technical skills and the ability to integrate and adapt to a work environment.

Luckily, the Freelance-Informatique platform meticulously studies the profiles of freelancers during registration and selects only the best. It can be used to connect consultants and clients, or act as a trusted third party (for example, for the qualification of profiles).

As for the personality of the freelancer you will choose, you will know more at the time of the interview.

To overcome a lack of staff or computer skills within a company, the recruitment of freelancers is almost essential. These independent consultants have solid knowledge in their field and there are many advantages to offering their services. But because of the vast choice of IT professionals, it’s not easy to find the best ones. To avoid unpleasant surprises, go through the specialized platform Freelance-Informatique.

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High-Tech: how to look for and find a freelancer in IT? – Science and Future

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